Discover the Benefits of Migrating Away From Your File Servers and Into the Cloud

With Cloud FastPath, large-scale cloud migrations are easier than they’ve ever been!


In this video, we explore why so many businesses are opting to ditch their file servers and seek out cloud storage solutions. Learn more about:

  • File server cost-inefficiency
  • Cloud integrations and tools
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Mobility, and flexibility in the cloud
  • and more!

Cloud FastPath is trusted by 1000’s of companies

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Easily connect to systems via a self-service dashboard used by hundreds of customers.
Or let us manage your migration for you.



WAN optimization, TCP tuning, parallelism, and API optimizations ensure maximum transfer speeds and ingest rates.



Direct data streaming from source to target with TLS at all stages. No data is staged, cached, or written to disk.

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