Your Organization’s Content is More Powerful in the Cloud


Migration Use-cases:

Decommission On-premises File Servers Into Cloud Platforms

  • Deploy Cloud FastPath onto disparate on-premises file servers in seconds
  • Analyze file server content to plan and segment a migration
  • Map incompatible user ACL’s, permissions, sharing, and ownership into content collaboration platforms

Cloud to Cloud Re-platforming and Standardization

  • Automatically translate user roles, permissions, versions, sharing, and external sharing
  • Auto-scaling infrastructure & direct cloud-to-cloud transfer of 50TB+ per day
  • The most secure cloud-to-cloud migration solution in the market

ECM Systems to Content Collaboration Platforms

  • Automatically map metadata into cloud platforms for better indexing, searching, and organization
  • Unlock the full potential of content stored in siloed ECM systems by opening up content to new capabilities
  • Integrate legacy ECM systems by moving and syncing content

Proven, Scalable Migration Solutions and Process

Cloud FastPath has seen it all. From migrations of a few hundred users to hundreds of thousands of users, Cloud FastPath’s proven migration strategies ensure successful migration – no matter how complicated.
Below is an example of a migration “wave”:

 Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Pre Migration
Analytics & Segmentation
Map ACLs & Ownership
Ensure Readiness
Migration Execution
Pilot Migration
Mass Migration
Delta Sync & Cutover
Post Migration
Validate Results
Ongoing User Training
Open Migrated Content to Users

For Enterprise

Accelerating thousands of successful large-scale migrations around the globe

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Deliver ROI

  • Retire or repurpose costly and cumbersome file storage and backup systems
  • Give your users the full productivity gains associated with feature-rich cloud offerings
  • Centralize IT administration and management on a single platform
  • Make your organization’s content accessible to powerful cloud based services
Cloud data connections icon

Accelerate Adoption

  • Propel your users into a place of greater self-help: more user content in the new platform results in higher adoption rates
  • Automatically replicate file structures, permissions, all metadata, and sharing means users can hit the ground running in the new system
  • Delta sync with scheduled cutover makes the transition process as smooth as possible
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Home Drives to Cloud Collaboration Platforms

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Group, Shared, and Departmental Shares to Cloud Collaboration Platforms



  • Effective visualizations to browse and understand users, directories, content and permissions
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities
  • Automatic file categorization

Plan and Segment

  • Easily identify cold data and archives
  • Diagnose potential errors before anything is moved
  • Create migration segments by groups of users
  • Classify content based on permissions and collaboration
Cloud data migration dashboard showing moved files per user
Animation showing the transition from file server storage to cloud storage


Mapping Automation

  • Seamlessly map users, groups, ownership, permissions, external sharing, and ACL’s between dissimilar systems
  • Automated mapping strategies to address inheritance issues or incompatibilities
  • Map custom metadata from ECM and other systems

Petabyte-scale Migration Performance

  • Elastic global transfer infrastructure to handle any size migration
  • WAN optimization, TCP tuning, and API optimization
  • Concurrency for parallel loading


Robust Reporting

  • Thorough real-time event logging and alerting
  • Post migration reports available in app or can be downloaded
  • Checksums given for every file and folder

Smooth Cutover

  • Apply permissions after migrating content
  • Ensure the smallest cutover window with scheduled delta sync
  • Users can still work on the source and/or target system
Migration dashboard showing validation of file server data migrated to cloud storage

For Service Providers

  • Build a scalable and profitable migration-as-a-service offering
  • Quickly onboard clients to cost-effective and feature-rich cloud collaboration platforms
  • Easily collaborate on multiple migration projects with central cloud native SaaS dashboard
  • Use partner package migration capacity for as many clients as needed

For Small to Midsize Projects

  • Don’t need full enterprise functionality? No worries! Get setup in minutes with Cloud FastPath’s no-hassle deployment and integration
  • Affordable, pay as you go pricing
  • Easy to use browser-based interface
  • Always get the help you need with a direct line to support
  • Ensure your migration project is successful with accelerated transfer and robust reporting

Resources to Guide Through Every Stage of Migration

Identifying the Risks of Storage Sprawl

Identifying the Risks of Storage Sprawl

Do your admins know what exists on your disparate file servers? How often are they patched? Download this guide to qualify the risk associated with your storage environment

How to Use Analytics to Obtain the Full ROI of a Migration

How to Use Analytics to Obtain the Full ROI of a Migration

This guide shows how to use Cloud FastPath Analytics to plan, organize, and prioritize a large-scale migration.

eBook - How to Migrate to Cloud Collaboration Platforms

eBook - How to Migrate to Cloud Collaboration Platforms

In this ebook learn about what you need to know for simple, fast, and secure cloud file sync and share adoption.

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