Transfer Data to S3

Cloud FastPath is a fully WAN optimized cloud-native SaaS S3 upload tool. Cloud FastPath achieves maximized S3 upload speed and has a number of other features.

Do you have millions of files originating from a variety of sources that need to get to S3? With Cloud FastPath you can automate many transfers to S3 via a point and click interface. Shipping disks can be slow, are not fully supported by AWS and can be overly complicated, especially if there are many data sources around the globe. Using FTP or scripting is insecure and error-prone. Cloud FastPath has many integrations between S3 and other cloud storage providers and cloud file share systems. Our solution is designed to use maximum throughput speeds to enable you to get content into AWS as fast as possible and without file corruption. Cloud FastPath can easily transfer TB’s of data into S3 in a matter of minutes, not days.

Cloud FastPath is also ideal if you would like to:

  • Sync or backup Box to S3
  • Sync or backup Dropbox to S3
  • Sync or backup OneDrive to S3
  • Sync or backup SharePoint Online to S3
  • Sync or backup Egnyte to S3
  • Transfer data from S3 to Box
  • Transfer data from S3 to Dropbox
  • Transfer data from S3 to OneDrive
  • Transfer data from S3 to SharePoint
  • Transfer data from S3 to Egnyte

Besides unmatched speed Cloud FastPath has a variety of other features for managed data transfers into S3. With the simulator you can easily scope the dataset before it is transferred. That includes filtering based on attributes such as last modified time and type. Cloud FastPath’s thorough logging gives assurance to what was successfully moved.

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