Sync to SharePoint Online

On-Premises file servers have long been the standard for many organizations. However, as cloud collaboration platforms continue to evolve and attain wider and wider adoption, the limits of file servers are becoming increasingly obvious. Draining organizations of both time and money for maintenance, and hobbling users’ ability to collaborate and effectively categorize the data with which they working, legacy storage solutions are declining in popularity, and migration to the cloud becoming increasingly appealing.

As this shift becomes ever more apparent, many organizations have chosen to sync their files with cloud platforms, allowing users to access files from variable solutions, and ensuring external users have full access to the files they need. This practice ensures both the security of files through backup, and a means for users to get the most from the data with which they’re working.

When looking to sync with cloud collaboration platforms like SharePoint Online–renowned for its versatility, flexibility, and security–organizations must stay constantly informed. In the wrong hands, migration can be a frustrating, and arduous project. In the right hands, it can be a powerful gateway to enhanced productivity, compliance, and collaboration within an enterprise.

Cloud FastPath understands both the benefits and hurdles of file sync like few other platforms. We’ve built our tools specifically to maximize the former and eliminate the latter. As such, we want our customers to stay completely in-the-know about the challenges their organization might face when syncing from file servers to SharePoint Online, and how Cloud FastPath specifically addresses them! If you want to sync a file server to SharePoint Online, these are the main things to look out for:

  • User Permissions and Mapping Concerns: File servers store and catalogue user permissions completely differently than SharePoint Online, and finding a tool that can simply and effectively map old permissions into a new format is absolutely crucial. Syncing file servers to SharePoint Online can mess with permissions, if you’re using the wrong tool; but, Cloud FastPath is dedicated to making sure that mess never happens. Manually mapping permissions between different storage solutions is not only absurdly time consuming, but it can lead to potentially catastrophic issues: sensitive files in the hands of users who shouldn’t have access to them; users denied access to essential files they need. With Cloud FastPath, mapping is easy and automatic. Furthermore, Cloud FastPath makes sure to detect and transfer shared permissions, so that users who need to collaborate on important projects don’t fall out of sync because of mismanaged permission mapping.
  • Sync Volume: When syncing to SharePoint Online, it’s likely that moving the entirety of your organization’s files to the platform will take quite a while, but with Cloud FastPath this needn’t be an issue. Our tools allow organizations to move around 20 TBs of data a day, auto-scale their transfers, and provide an auto-retry feature that ensures IT teams don’t have to constantly scramble to make sure every byte of important data has properly synced.
  • Conscientious Scheduling: In large organizations, it’s not uncommon to have multiple ongoing projects, often spread across multiple departments. It’s, thus, important to build a sync schedule that accounts for this, to guarantee no individual user suddenly loses access to the data they need on the platform they need because of how a sync schedule is structured. With Cloud FastPath, you can tailor your schedule to the specific needs of departments and users, so that the process never hurts your progress.
  • Reports Galore:When you’re syncing to SharePoint Online, you’re dealing with massive quantities of data (much of it highly important); and you want to be absolutely sure every single item was properly synced. With Cloud FastPath reporting, you can feel secure in that fact. Rather than combing through the thousands of files from thousands of users, IT teams need only consult the comprehensive and thorough reports available through the Cloud FastPath tool in order to see what went through and what errors occurred along the way.

Cloud FastPath is specifically built to guarantee an optimal sync experience. With myriad features that allow IT to keep close watch over the details of the process, and a robust infrastructure designed to minimize labor on your end, Cloud FastPath is the ultimate sync tool. When syncing your data with SharePoint Online, you’re providing your users with one of the best collaboration platforms on the market. To ensure success, you deserve the best sync tool available.