Learn about SharePoint Online Migration Best Practices

Moving file shares to SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online isn’t a simple lift and shift

If you’re moving from a file server and SharePoint on-premises environment there are some important considerations you should take before moving to SharePoint Online:

  • Identify Stakeholders: Ensuring that there is buy-in from executive teams and site/content owners is critical. Make sure the right people know about how they and their users will be affected by the changes.
  • Create a Business Case and Timeline: Make sure the goals behind the project are described well. Designate a project owner, and a migration team if necessary. When creating a timeline, always go for longer, and allocate for a pilot migration.
  • End-user Communication: Before a migration starts create a full communication plan, training plan, and work with the marketing team to help get the message out about the upcomming changes.
  • Proper access: Ensure the migration team has proper access to the source servers and SharePoint sites. Migrations are most successful when performed with a global administrator account in Office 365.
  • Create information architecture: This might be the most important step. Use a powerful analytics tool to understand the content on the source systems. Build the SharePoint Online architecture based on the results of the analytics. For example, each department should likely get its own SharePoint Online site. SharePoint on-premises sites should be mirrored unless a different configuration is better. This is the opportunity to reorganize, remap, and cleanup content.
  • Disallowed file types and characters: Also use analytics to identify disallowed file types and characters. The full list can be seen here.
  • Customizations: SharePoint on-premises customizations or custom scripts that interact with file server content need to be either migrated or rebuilt in SharePoint Online. Some customizations might not be able to work in the new environment.

And of course, a large component of best practices for migrations means selecting the right tool. Download our SharePoint Online migration guide to find out more!

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