Cloud FastPath: Guidant Financial Migrates Millions of Files to Sharefile

“Tervela has been awesome. Without them, it would’ve been way more difficult to get our data into the cloud.” – Paul Dent, Guidant Financial

Migrating Data To The Cloud

Guidant Financial has made its name as the industry leader in innovative small business financing, helping countless entrepreneurs fund their dreams through 401(k)-backed business financing, SBA loans, and other creative means.

Paul Dent is a network administrator at Guidant, helping to keep the company’s systems modern and efficient. When Guidant decided it was time to build out the customer self-service capabilities on its online client portal, Paul knew the initiative would be both important and challenging, giving clients online access to all their records and account-related documents without requiring them to contact the company every time they needed something.

Guidant selected ShareFile to serve as its new document system, storing and serving clients’ documents seamlessly through a Guidant-branded user experience. ShareFile had a user-friendly feature set and strong Salesforce integration, and it would give Paul all the power he needed to manage his 11,000+ user accounts.

However, it wasn’t long before Paul realized that, without help, it would take an excessive amount of time to migrate Guidant’s 1.3 million files into ShareFile. ShareFile’s own tools weren’t sophisticated enough to handle the volume and complexity of Guidant’s directory structure, and using FTP with Sharefile was impossible because of the complexity of the directory names and hierarchies.

That’s when Paul discovered Cloud FastPath.

Cloud FastPath: Intelligent File Migration to Sharefile

Diagram of turn-key migration of on-premise storage to Sharefile cloud
Cloud FastPath is the simplest way to automatically migrate directly trees and file servers into ShareFile. It’s accessed over the cloud, providing a simple interface where users can orchestrate fast and secure data transfer jobs.

After Paul struggled with migrating files into ShareFile using its own embedded tools for over two weeks, with little progress, he turned to Cloud FastPath and the Tervela team. Using Cloud FastPath’s intelligent file migration capabilities, Paul was able to break up his data transfer into a number of smaller jobs. Cloud FastPath managed every job, mapping each source directory to its appropriate new home in ShareFile, and handling all metadata and format conversions automatically. Plus, if any data changed during the course of the migration, Cloud FastPath would incrementally migrate those changes to the new system, keeping everything at the destination in sync with the source.

In Paul’s words, Tervela’s customer service was phenomenal, going above and beyond in their effort to help him. With Cloud FastPath, Paul was able to set up his migration, have it run automatically, and receive an alert whenever a job was completed. This let him finish the migration to ShareFile in only a week, without any issues.

How Cloud FastPath Migrated Guidant’s Data to Sharefile

Cloud FastPath is designed to be easy, making migrations to the cloud a breeze. After creating an account on the Cloud FastPath website, all that was needed were a few simple steps:

1. Download and install a software agent in local environments.

That’s a simple download to any remote worker’s laptop or local file storage.

Download of local software agent to facilitate cloud migration

2. Connect to ShareFile.

Pre-configured settings for popular services make this as simple as connecting Cloud FastPath to your existing ShareFile account.

Using presets for connecting to Sharefile account

3. Select the files and schedule the migration.
No data chunking, no moving everything to a single directory first – Cloud FastPath takes the data in its current form from where it resides today.

File selection and scheduling for the cloud migration

4. Sync, monitor and report.
Cloud FastPath handles everything, no matter where it sits or what errors are encountered along the way. Sync features allow for easy error retry and delta capture.

Migration reporting and error retry functions

No babysitting FTP or clunky sync tools

According to Paul, once he found Cloud FastPath, the migration to ShareFile couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The entire migration portion of the project, which had looked like it would have taken many weeks, was completed in just one week. Paul, meanwhile, was relieved that with Cloud FastPath doing the work, he never had to be a data babysitter.

With its online client portal, Guidant will be able to better serve its customers with the information they need, when they need it. For a company whose mission is to help businesses succeed, the combination of Tervela Cloud FastPath and ShareFile is a no-brainer.

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