Touchstone ResearchTouchstone Research Backs up Box into Dropbox and Quickly Replicates Data Between Box, Google Drive and Dropbox

“Cloud FastPath turned a seemingly complex problem into a fast, easy and successful endeavor for us, and Tervela’s support team helped ensure that we met all of our objectives for speed, security and simplicity. We will continue to leverage Cloud FastPath for our future backup and transfer needs as our business grows, and we are eager to take advantage of its new features as they are rolled out.” – Touchstone IT Manager

Touchstone Research is a technology focused full-service marketing research firm with special expertise in the youth and family, media & entertainment technology and virtual/augmented reality industries. The company offers a wide range of next generation qualitative and quantitative research services, tools and methodologies to deliver superior consumer insights needed to help its clients stay ahead of the curve.

As a company that specializes in information, Touchstone Research found that its own data was becoming increasingly complex to manage. This was partially due to the many cloud native SaaS platforms its employees were using to store files. These platforms included Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Touchstone had two needs:

  1. Backup a large amount of data from Box to achieve higher levels of availability and security. Touchstone weighed its options for backing up Box, which the majority of its employees used. The backup options were an on-premises device, a cloud object storage provider or another file sync and share provider. Touchstone ended up choosing to backup to Dropbox based on its licensing terms and unlimited storage plan.
  2. In addition, Touchstone needed to consolidate some of its storage systems into both Box and Dropbox, along with replicating and transferring data between systems.

But moving bulk data manually from Box onto Dropbox as well as transferring files between many systems created some unexpected challenges.

Seeking Simplicity, Speed and Security

Initially, Touchstone Research attempted to migrate its data onto Dropbox manually, using off-the-shelf tools such as SFTP and drag and drop to transfer its files from each of its existing platforms. However, the company quickly realized that its large files and high data volume would require two to four months to transfer manually, and significant IT resources to support and secure. In addition, Touchstone could not use SFTP with Dropbox because it is not supported. That’s when Touchstone’s IT department began searching for a fast, simple and secure way to move its voluminous data onto Dropbox as well as transfer large files between systems.

Diagram of Touchstone migration from Box and Goole Drive to Dropbox using Cloud Fastpath

A Cloud Migration Solution with More

In Cloud FastPath, Touchstone Research found the solution it was looking for. Not only was it able to directly migrate data from multiple cloud native SaaS sources onto Box and Dropbox, it provided the ease-of-use, speed and security that were critical to the success of the migration. The bulk backup of data into Dropbox occurred within a matter of days. Cloud FastPath also allowed Touchstone’s IT team to schedule key file transfers, syncs and backups to run automatically, with very little human intervention. In addition, its easy-to-use interface made creating data transfers fast and easy for IT personnel.

Superior Support

Throughout its deployment of Cloud FastPath, Touchstone Research found the Tervela support staff to be highly attentive, responsive and qualified. The team worked quickly to help resolve any data transfer issues that arose, speeding the successful completion of the company’s data migration.