Cloud FastPath Fights Storage Sprawl with Migration

Eastridge Workforce Solutions Consolidates its Storage Sprawl by Migrating Hundreds of Employees into Egnyte with Cloud FastPath

“Thanks to Tervela’s migration software and support, this project was a success on many levels, and we are eager to experience the long-term business benefits of a consolidated storage platform in the cloud” – Robert Engler, Eastridge Workforce Solutions

Eastridge Workforce Solutions provides strategic workforce management programs, innovative technology platforms and comprehensive staffing solutions that help solve their customers’ most pressing human resource challenges. When the company conducted a review of its data storage practices and platforms, Eastridge found it was time to modernize and consolidate on a single platform for improved file management and collaboration with its external clients.

Eastridge chose Egnyte to support its mobile workforce while at the same time lessening the overhead on its IT department. Egnyte provided IT and management with high level reporting on sharing and activity throughout the organization. In addition, the platform’s powerful governance features ensured that PII and other sensitive data was controlled as well as protected from multiple cryptolocker attacks.


As Eastridge IT planned to standardize and move data onto Egnyte they established a few key requirements. First, they wanted to selectively move over 300 home drives with associated file metadata for groups of users. They needed to ensure there was a smooth operational cutover from the old file systems to Egnyte, allowing employees to continue working on the source system until the migration was complete.

Identify, Organize, Reduce

To reduce the amount of data being stored on Egnyte, Eastridge sought to exclude Outlook’s PST files from the migration. This helped slash their data requirements by approximately 60%. And, of course, they needed to ensure their data could be moved quickly and securely onto Egnyte, while meeting California’s compliance requirements.

Eastridge’s IT team initially considered manually loading data into Egnyte. However, with a looming end-of-year deadline one month away, this method was not feasible. With the complicated nature of the project and the time constraints in mind, Egnyte recommended Cloud FastPath as a solution to their data movement challenge.

“We were confident Cloud FastPath and its support team would deliver us the right migration outcome. We were very pleased with the added benefits it offered, such as bandwidth controls that enabled us to maintain the performance levels of our network during the entire process,” said Robert Engler, Director, Consulting & Support Division, Eastridge Workforce Solutions. “thanks to Tervela’s migration software and support, this project was a success on many levels, and we are eager to experience the long-term business benefits of a consolidated storage platform in the cloud”.

Migration Success

Cloud FastPath gave Eastridge easy precision to hand pick which departmental drives to migrate, and allowed them to re-map data for users who were no longer at the company into a special administrative account. It also enabled Eastridge to include or exclude files by virtually any attribute and keep a running total of data volume before the migration, helping them optimize their storage utilization on the Egnyte platform. Cloud FastPath’s delta sync lead to a smooth cutover process after the large migration, so Eastridge’s employees could hit the ground running with Egnyte. And finally, meeting California’s compliance regulations was simple because of Cloud FastPath’s inherently secure architecture and migration management features.

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