Tecfac logoCase Study: TecFac Migrates Client Data onto ShareFile as Part of its Managed Cloud Content Service

“In Cloud FastPath, we’ve found a strategic platform for migration that makes our service perform better, while increasing the value we can provide to our customers. And the Tervela team supports this product extremely well, responding to our questions quickly, and resolving any issues we may have right away.” – Michael Joseph VP, Cloud & Technology Architect

TecFac specializes in the architecture and deployment of cloud native SaaS solutions geared specifically for its clients’ business needs. The company’s mission is to enable clients to work from any location at any time and be as productive as they would be in their corporate office. TecFac does this by migrating its clients’ data to the cloud, providing a significant reduction of capital expenses and an increase in productivity and agility. Once its clients are cloud enabled, TecFac also helps manage their cloud and on-premises IT infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their strategic business activities.

Leveraging its extensive experience with cloud native SaaS solutions, TecFac has standardized on Citrix ShareFile to help its clients easily access, share and manage their data in a secure cloud environment. This helps TecFac offer a unified data strategy to its clients, allowing them to eliminate disparate systems for file storage, improve internal sharing across groups and streamline external sharing with their partners and customers. What TecFac needed next was a simple, reliable and repeatable way to migrate large amounts of data for multiple clients from multiple sources onto ShareFile.

Migrating data to Sharefile

Solving the Complexities of Large-Scale Data Migration

Because TecFac’s clients often have a significant amount of data, which resides on a mix of local file shares, NAS devices, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox and other EFSS providers, they knew data migration would be a challenge. The complexities were revealed quickly when they attempted to move this data manually using internal processes and tools that had been effective for small data migration jobs in the past. The manual process proved to be extremely time consuming and prone to human error, with temporary issues often delaying a migration by hours or even days. In addition, understanding when a migration job was completed successfully was all but impossible.

That’s when TecFac began searching for a migration solution that is purpose-built for moving large amounts of data from diverse sources onto a cloud native SaaS platform. Since data migration plays a key role in TecFac’s managed EFSS service, the solution had to provide a simple and streamlined approach to data migration, allowing its staff to learn and use a single platform no matter where the source data resides. In addition, detailed reporting capabilities were required to provide an audit trail for all migrated customer data.

Changing the Way TecFac Performs Migration Projects

When TecFac discovered Cloud FastPath, it found a solution it could truly build a service around. Not only is it able to move data from the multiple on-premesis and cloud native SaaS platforms into ShareFile, it automates the process and eliminates countless man hours that were once spent overseeing data migration.

Diagram of setup for migrating to Sharefile

Now, the company’s engineers can setup and schedule a migration via an easy-to-use portal and simply monitor and review the logs from time to time. Cloud FastPath’s automated retry feature nearly eliminates the possibility that a migration will be halted due to a temporary issue, and significantly reduces the likelihood that an engineer will have to intervene. This has increased the company’s productivity when it comes to data migration, allowing a single engineer to orchestrate multiple data migration jobs simultaneously, while reducing the amount of time needed for each job as well.

At the conclusion of each migration, Cloud FastPath documents the results, enabling TecFac to provide critical details to its clients about the successful transfer of data and supporting characteristics such as access permissions and modification dates. This provides TecFac with a powerful tool for service level agreement management and client communication. And with Cloud FastPath’s flexible pricing structure, TecFac can purchase only the data movement capabilities it needs for its client migration projects.

All told, Cloud FastPath’s benefits to TecFac and its clients are many. It not only allows the company to provide a fixed price migration offering, it helps them perform migrations more quickly, efficiently and confidently than ever before.