Icade Migrates Thousands of Users and 40 Terabytes to Box and Stays Compliant with a Backup Strategy.

Icade manages the common interests of commercial property complexes as assets, from the simplest to the most complicated. With its extensive expertise and experience, Icade handles all technical, financial and environmental issues relating to its clients’ assets. With assets valued at €9.2 billion, Icade is one of the leaders in real-estate investment in office space and business parks in the greater Paris region, the number one real-estate investment company in healthcare in France, and a key partner of major French cities.

As part of its company strategy, Icade is a key integrated property player capable of providing comprehensive, sustainable and innovative solutions that are tailored to customer needs and to the challenges of tomorrow’s cities. Icade’s sixty-year experience is grounded in three core strengths: a solid financial position; enhanced skills and expertise; and a well-established ability to innovate. With these strengths, Icade brings life to a more sustainable city on a human scale.

Collaboration on a mass scale with Box

Motivated by its own mission to help its clients be sustainable, Icade wanted to more efficiently manage its 30-40 terabytes of data and drive toward more economic savings. The solution was simple. Icade needed to migrate its large amounts of data from its own private network to the cloud. Part of the solution was to use Box for sharing, collaboration and a new home for data as the company began phasing out its internal file servers.

On-premise data migration to Box cloud

As it looked toward moving its data, Icade’s objectives were two-fold: to accomplish a one-time migration of all on-premises content to the Box cloud platform; and to have the ability to periodically backup the Box content to a local on-premises server. As a top priority, Icade’s IT team wanted a reliable transfer solution that could easily manage the fast upload of large amounts of data. They also needed to back up new Box users automatically, and it was very important that the software be easy to use and configure so that Icade could perform the migration without taxing its internal IT resources.

“Cloud FastPath is making it simple, effective and effortless on our part. Because of its high reliability, we’ll be able to make Cloud FastPath a key component in our risk mitigation and business continuity strategy.”
– Icade

After researching tools that would enable the loading of Box in a systematic way and facilitate periodic backups as well, Icade found that most data transfer solutions were only capable of small scale migrations. None of them were robust enough to handle the volume of accounts and files that Icade needed to move.

As a result of evaluating additional data migration solutions, Icade selected one that seemed to suit its large-scale needs. However, this solution quickly failed because it was unreliable, did not properly synchronize the files and was difficult to manage. Icade tried to resolve the issues, however, after nine months its interactions with the vendor’s support team were largely unproductive. Icade decided not to renew the costly subscription and moved on to another solution.

FTP Migration to Box Fell Flat

The second solution, using SFTP, turned out to be no better than the first with a long list of limitations including:

  • unreliability – with several errors in the migration jobs and weak verification
  • performance issues – with debilitating bugs in the program
  • time consuming – due to lack automation for recovery and retry logic of errors
  • ineffective – with no ability to backup individual Box user accounts or sync deletions from the Box user accounts to the on-premises backup server

Compounding the fact that the migration was not achieved, FTP required an unacceptable level of manual activity, taking valuable time and resources away from Icade’s busy IT department.

Comparison of FTP for cloud migration

Finally, Icade turned to its peers at Box for help, who recommended Cloud FastPath. It proved to be a perfect fit to address Icade’s large scale migration to Box, performing exponentially better than the first two solutions, even when tested on a global scale.

Incredibly Fast Transfer Rates

Cloud FastPath was more complete and robust in terms of features and functionality, which freed up valuable time and resources for Icade. The transfer of content was much faster, and if there was a hint of a migration issue, the Tervela team responded immediately with excellent customer service. They quickly made any necessary modifications to keep the project on course, which was extremely important to Icade. Everything from the start of the deployment worked smoothly and according to plan.

Schematic of geographic data transfer to Box

“Cloud FastPath enabled the deployment of Box for all of our collaborators, which we are doing one department at a time,” said Olivier Dangreaux, IT Manager at Icade. “For each new department, there is a lot of existing content to migrate to Box and Cloud FastPath is making it simple, effective and effortless on our part. Because of its high reliability, we’ll be able to make Cloud FastPath a key component in our risk mitigation and business continuity strategy.”

Cloud FastPath yielded tremendous cost savings by allowing Icade to create a continuous backup of the content in Box to its local servers without having to replace internal disk arrays. And very important to Icade, the solution is giving the company’s remote workforce the ability to access data from mobile devices, significantly augmenting productivity across the company.

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of files and content

As an investor and a developer, Icade is an integrated real estate player which designs innovative real estate products and services adapted to new urban lifestyles and habits. By placing corporate social responsibility and innovation at the core of its strategy, Icade is closely involved with stakeholders and users in the cities— local authorities and communities, companies and employees, institutions and associations… As a commercial and healthcare property investor (portfolio value of €9.9bn as of 06/30/17) and as a property developer (2016 economic revenues of €1,005m), Icade has been able to reinvent the real estate business and foster the emergence of tomorrow’s greener, smarter and more responsible cities. Icade is a significant player in the Greater Paris area and major French cities. Icade is listed on Euronext Paris as a French Listed Real Estate Investment Company (SIIC). Its leading shareholder is the Caisse des Dépôts Group.