ChargePoint’s Journey of Consolidating Digital Content into Box

With a Cloud FastPath-backed migration to Box, a leader in electric vehicle technology is able to speed into the future.

ChargePoint is a leader in electric vehicle charging technology, having created the largest EV charging network available. They’ve manufactured the technology behind charging stations, built the software necessary to maintain the network, and designed a mobile app to help owners of electric vehicles interact with the network smoothly, so that no one needs to worry about running low in a tight spot. As such, ChargePoint is a multi-faceted business that needed a powerful and multi-faceted storage and collaboration solution to help their organization run as smoothly and efficiently as the vehicles they support. After scouring the range of cloud collaboration platforms, they chose Box.

Box is renowned for its wide range of features, its robust administrative and security tools, and its ease of use for subscribers in all industries. For ChargePoint, the range of features and flexibility at their disposal with Box would be a boon for their teams and departments. As their organization juggled both manufacturing and digital infrastructure concerns, Box could provide them with the collaborative and storage implements they needed.

After deciding to standardize on Box as ChargePoint’s content management platform, ChargePoint engaged with the Box Shuttle team to migrate their on-premises file servers to Box. Migrations are typically multi-stage projects and the next phase of ChargePoint’s migration was to consolidate content from Google Drive.

Why Cloud FastPath?

Because ChargePoint had a number of different divisions to migrate, and a slew of users–all of whom had vital files they were working and collaborating on–they needed a tool that could properly migrate those files and their permissions, effectively. While some tools accidentally duplicate shared files in Google Drive over the course of migration, Cloud FastPath promised that it could not only avoid that mistake, but that the Cloud FastPath suite could help ChargePoint manage permissions, govern the order and groupings in which teams and folder structures would be migrated, and provide a migration that was both secure and efficient.

When you’re migrating up to 2.5 TBs of data and 600 users, concerns such as these are crucial. In the past, ChargePoint had considered Mover as a migration option, but the obvious lack of analytical and reporting tools warned them that relying on such a migration solution might only complicate an already complicated process.

Ultimately the concern for ChargePoint was not getting their migration done as soon as possible or as impulsively as possible. They wanted to do it right, and make sure that they had the proper tools to migrate all users efficiently and securely.

Considering the waterfall permissions structure of Box–especially for users currently involved in multiple projects across departments–it was necessary that ChargePoint’s migration team worked with a tool that allowed them to intuitively map old permissions into Box’s new structure. Part of this involved including permissions on documents going back as far the 100 most recent versions, and mirroring permissions at root folder levels.

With Cloud FastPath, this was a breeze.

With Cloud FastPath, organizations like ChargePoint are able to carefully plan their migrations, dictate how and when users will be migrated, plan for interruptions in the migration process, and experiment with test waves before the migration begins in earnest. For a company like ChargePoint–with its wide-range of users migrating from a cloud platform whose permissions and sharing infrastructure is very different than that to which they’re migrating–these tools and options were crucial to success, to ensuring that all files were migrated appropriately, and to ensuring that all users had the proper access to those files that would allow them to collaborate effectively and productively on the multi-valent projects for which they were responsible.

What Can Cloud FastPath Do For You?

Cloud FastPath is a migration solution designed to help businesses across all industries tackle the challenge of cloud migration, to empower IT teams, and to ensure that data migration isn’t the headache it’s often portrayed as. Ultimately, we’re here to help simplify your migration, energize your organization, and invigorate your teams.

Cloud FastPath makes sure that you have control over your enterprise migration, no matter the size or complexity. Included is comprehensive reporting, analytics, project management tools, responsive support from domain experts, and integration with all of the most common on-premises and cloud native SaaS file systems.

For a closer look at how Cloud FastPath can help your business take the next step, sign up here for a free trial today!

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employeesManufacturing hardware behind electrical charging stations for automobiles in the largest EV chargining network available, as well as advanced software to maintain the network, and mobile applications to connect drivers with nearby charging stations, ChargePoint is a leader in electric vehicle charging technology. Their technology helps drivers switch to more environmentally and efficient modes of transportation, and ensures that the owners of electric vehicles always have the support they need to get where they’re going.