lifewaves-logoCloud FastPath: Case Study
LifeWaves migrates over 100GB from their shared Dropbox account to Citrix Sharefile

“I am thrilled with Citrix ShareFile, and wouldn’t be using it without Tervela.”
– Alison Godfrey, LifeWaves

From The Heart To The Cloud

Alison Godfrey is the busy CEO of LifeWaves, a company that improves its customers’ health with a heart monitor and customized exercise program. LifeWaves is progressive in many ways. For starters, they’ve revolutionized the way people think about aerobic exercise as a means to maximize heart health.

Additionally, the team is fully distributed with all of its employees working remotely from various locations. This allows them to remain agile and flexible, a key competitive advantage for their business. Furthermore, LifeWaves is a data-driven business, and as it grows, accessibility and automation become more and more important.

LifeWaves had reached a point where Alison’s data workflow no longer supported the needs of the company. She was adding a new analytics expert to the team, and looking to find something that supported better automation than the current use of a common Dropbox account that her entire team shared. Additionally, a change in security policy was necessary at LifeWaves to keep confidential customer data safe, something Dropbox didn’t offer at the level Alison sought.

After comparing cloud solutions online, and eventually speaking with Kelly at Citrix, Alison settled on migrating to Citrix ShareFile. With strong encryption protocols, hurricane-rated roofs, multiple power sources and off-site data backups, the service demonstrated the level of security, convenience and customization that gave Alison peace of mind.

Cloud FastPath: The Cloud Savior

The Daily HeartBeat of a Share Cloud File System Photo

The next step for LifeWaves was transferring all of the existing data from the shared Dropbox account and various employee computers to ShareFile. After Alison’s first attempt at moving the 100GB of data proved a non-starter, she was ready to give up on ShareFile completely. Fortunately, she decided to call Kelly, who introduced her to Cloud FastPath. From there, the confident choice was made to utilize FastPath for the data migration.

Cloud FastPath handled the complete migration automatically, and Tervela’s staff even helped resolve configuration errors in ShareFile that would’ve otherwise added days of work to the project.

During the data migration, LifeWaves employees were still creating new files as part of their daily business flow, which needed to be migrated to ShareFile as well. Alison was concerned about this, but Cloud FastPath demonstrated that it could easily flag any new file and automatically handle the task.

The Cloud FastPath solution completely resolved Alison’s data migration challenge, and she is adamant that she wouldn’t be using ShareFile without it. Now that the process has been simplified and the analytics expert is productive with the new system, Alison can focus on the next challenge for LifeWaves that’s close to her heart: a complete website redesign.

How Cloud FastPath Migrated LifeWaves’ Data  

Cloud FastPath is designed to be easy, making migrations to the cloud a breeze. After creating an account on the Cloud FastPath website, all that was needed were a few simple steps:

1. Connect to Dropbox accounts.
Pre-configured settings for popular services make it simple to connect to multiple Dropbox accounts.


2. Connect to ShareFile.
Next, select your destination service. In this case, you can log into your Citrix ShareFile account.


3. Select the files and schedule the migration.
No data chunking, no moving everything to a single directory first – Cloud FastPath takes the data in its current form from where it resides today.


4. Sync, monitor and report.
Cloud FastPath handles everything, no matter where it sits or what errors are encountered along the way. Sync features allow for easy error retry and delta capture.


If You’ve Got Data, You Need Cloud FastPath  

Alison’s experience demonstrates how the process of migrating data to the cloud could be the biggest obstacle in cloud service adoption and reaping the many benefits from an enterprise file sync and share. Today, Alison is very happy with how her data is flowing through the entire system, from monitors to shared folders to analytics, making important information available to the entire team automatically.

Fortunately, by working with Citrix and Cloud FastPath she was able to avoid the migration issues and get her files – and her technology – where she needed it to be.