FTP Is Not a Migration Solution

Using FTP to Migrate to Box (or other platforms) is Bound to Fail

Download our report on why FTP is not a migration solution. In addition to the results of a Cloud FastPath versus FTP benchmark test, in the report we cover:

  • A brief history of FTP: Why it was first developed and why it’s original use case proves it can’t handle today’s migration requirements.
  • Why “Transfer” is not Migration: File transfer is easy. Migration is hard.
  • Some Common Issues you can Expect when Migrating to Box with FTP: Thousands of errors with no ability to understand their source
  • Lack of Automation or Bandwidth Controls with FTP: Have fun babysitting transfers all weekend.
  • FTP Compliance and Security: Simply put, you’re putting your company’s files at risk when you use FTP.

Download the report now to see why you shouldn’t be using FTP as a migration solution.

See the Cloud FastPath vs. FTP Benchmark Results

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