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Cloud FastPath Powers the Following Migration Projects:

Decommissioning of On-premises File Storage in Favor of Content Collaboration Platforms

Cloud to Cloud Migrations


Replacing Legacy ECM Systems With Modern Content Collaboration Platforms

Cloud FastPath Benefits and Features:

“Simple” Starts in the Cloud

Set up, configure, and manage Cloud FastPath entirely through any browser. This is where you provision data sources and targets, create data pathways, and monitor activity and performance. While deploying there are no setup or installation costs, no installing SQL servers, no provisioning VM’s, and nothing to maintain.

Effortlessly Connect to Disparate On-premises and Cloud Systems

Cloud FastPath connects to both cloud-based and on-premises systems in minutes. Cloud FastPath authenticates with cloud systems via OAuth2 and on-premises systems via a lightweight agent. Once authenticated, jobs can be easily configured and orchestrated remotely via the web UI, no user interruption or input required. See how to setup a transfer job in 45 seconds.

Analyze, Visualize, and Identify Content Before Anything is Transferred

Cloud FastPath Analytics ensures a successful migration, sync, or backup. The analysis feature helps you understand what exists on many source on-premises or cloud storage systems so you can thoroughly plan and create policy based migrations. The simulate feature profiles your data, identifies any potential errors, and gives an estimation of how long a migration will take. Cloud FastPath Analytics is powered by NetCharts, Tervela’s data visualization and dashboard delivery software.

Take Control of Migrations with the Project Center

The Cloud FastPath Project center provides a console to gain visibility and manage complicated migrations. The Project Center provides:

  • Unified reporting across migration segments to report to key stakeholders
  • Schedule management for performance and timing cutovers and communications
  • Multi-segment management and editing for migrations with many moving parts

Learn more about the project center here.

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Easily Manage and Migrate Complicated Directories and Thousands of Users

Explore and filter files and directories to select only what you want to transfer. Cloud FastPath replicates the most complex directory structures between systems while preserving file metadata and versions. Cloud FastPath also automatically maps user accounts between systems for hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of users.

Map User and Group Permissions, Ownership, and Sharing

Cloud FastPath’s flexible user and group permission mapping features automatically extract the current file permission structure from the source and then map these to the target system. Cloud FastPath’s mapping features save time and effort on the most resource intensive aspect of a migration, speeding the overall migration and adoption, while automatically identifying and fixing permission related security issues.

Take Back Your Weekends

Transfer jobs can be scheduled for a specific time and date, or after a different job completes. With automatic retry, alerting, and error handling there is no need for babysitting FTP file transfers or manual migrations.

Unparalleled Transfer Performance

Cloud FastPath’s proprietary WAN optimization, parallelism, API call optimization and other performance enhancements deliver the fastest transfer rates in the market. With concurrency Cloud FastPath is able to achieve transfer rates of well over 60TB per day. We encourage you to sign up and test out Cloud FastPath’s speed.

Robust Reporting and Alerting

Cloud FastPath’s real time reporting and alerting give the tools needed to monitor multiple transfer jobs. The rich post-transfer reports provide compliance and validation. Post-transfer reports are downloadable and checksums are provided for every file and directory.

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Optimized WAN Data Movement

Cloud FastPath employs patented technology to move data over the WAN. Combining compression, TCP protocol optimization, parallelism, and other batching and streaming mechanisms, Cloud FastPath delivers your data over long distances packaged and ready to go.

Parallel Loading

Data can be streamed to multiple locations simultaneously, so you can feed parallel systems for fault-tolerance and high availability. With Cloud FastPath’s visual user interface, it’s as easy as configuring another target in a data pathway, and your data is duplicated in real-time.


No one understands content collaboration services better than Cloud FastPath’s support team. Their migration know-how help guarantee a successful outcome. The support team offers in-app chat, email support, video trainings, and an extensive knowledgebase to help power your migration, backup, or sync.

 Security and Reliability

Data arrives securely, in-tact and error-free, even when faced with network outages and other disruptions. We protect data with advanced encryption algorithms and implement authentication protocols to ensure that sensitive information remains protected all along the way.

Automation Through REST API

Cloud Service Providers, systems integrators, and IT departments use Cloud FastPath’s REST API to build integrated data pipelines. This lets you chain together data sources and targets with a variety of web applications.

Service Provider-Ready

Cloud FastPath meets the specific needs of Cloud Service Providers and Enterprise File Sync & Share systems. It makes integration with back-end systems easy, runs in just about any virtual or bare-metal environment, and provides multi-tenancy and isolation of customer environments.