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Content Mapping

Transfer Automation

Project Management


Setup in Minutes with Nothing to Provision, Maintain, or Scale

  • Connect On-premises Systems in Seconds: Cloud FastPath’s lightweight MSI has multiple options for installation. It’s ready in less than one minute and does not require additional virtual machines or infrastructure to setup.
  • Fully Managed SaaS: Why install more bulky on-premises software to move to the cloud? No installing SQL servers & no provisioning VMs. We take care of all of our infrastructure so you don’t have to – and support is always by your side. 
  • Unlimited Number of Systems: Have 1000 geographically distributed file servers? 10,000 SharePoint Doc Libraries? No problem. Connect as many systems as you need. 
  • Delegated Authentication: Don’t have access to cloud credentials for OAuth? Assign authentication to the team who does. Revoke access at any time. 
Cloud migrations tools shown in Cloud Fastpath Dashboard


Illuminate Massive Amounts of Content

Collaborators displayed in the status dashboard for the cloud migration
  • Understand and Explore: Analyze disparate content repositories from a single browser-based panel, visualize large directories, filter based on over a dozen content attributes. 
  • Segment and Prioritize: Make informed decisions about content based on its composition, where the content should go, and how to structure a migration.
  • Identify: Purpose-built analytics for migration. Identify linked files, permissions incompatibilities, exceptional content, data hogs, ghost users, and content that relies on an application. 
  • Contextual Analysis: Don’t just look at the content, gain insight into how users (and external users) interact and collaborate with each other with permissions, ACLs, and collaboration reports. 
  • Simulation: Before a single file is moved know what will happen, how long it will take, and what might go wrong such as path length issues or disallowed file types.

Whitepaper: Reign in Storage Sprawl and Prepare for Migration with Contextual Analytics

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Automatically Map Users and Groups Across Dissimilar Systems

  • Translate users, permissions, ownership, and ACLs: Make the move from on-premises systems into cloud systems easy, allowing your users and groups to adopt quickly and avoid exposure of data.
  • Collaboration, External Sharing, and Roles: For cloud-to-cloud migrations, mirror users, sharing, collaboration, roles, and external collaboration between systems for thousands of users and groups. 
  • Custom Metadata: Enhance content before it reaches its new home by adding metadata for governance or organizational purposes. Also replicate metadata from ECM systems into cloud collaboration platforms. 
  • Content Reorganization: Create conditional mapping rules to simplify how content is organized and accessed. Split out content to separate repositories in a single job. 
User data mapping from old cloud storage provider to the new


Move Content With Efficiency and Scale

Diagram showing global POP transfer of data.
  • Cloud-Native Transfer Infrastructure: Migrate over 60TB per day with Cloud FastPath’s elastic architecture. Nothing to anything to provision or monitor. 
  • Metadata Support: Cloud FastPath supports all standard metadata including mtime, modified by, created by, ctime, last accessed date/time, and more.
  • Error Handling, Automatic Retry, Error Detection: Whether it’s 100GB or 1PB, you can count on your migration projects successfully finishing without babysitting them.
  • Powerful Delta Sync: Shorten the cutover window by scheduling or chaining content syncs
  • Automatically Address Permissions Incompatibilities: Moving to a system with waterfall permissions? Cloud FastPath offers multiple automated strategies to avoid inheritance conflicts.  
  • Conversion of Specialty File Types: Moving from a cloud system with proprietary file types? Cloud FastPath automatically converts them to a supported file type. 


Organize Projects with Many Moving Parts

  • Schedule Management: Make sure your project will hit its deadline by keeping track of schedules and cutovers are ready.
  • Job Management: Bucket types of jobs into logical groups so you can delegate responsibilities and stay organized. 
  • Bird’s Eye View Reporting: Roll up reporting across multiple jobs to have a cohesive status report of a project’s progress. 
  • Multi User Capabilities: Invite others to collaborate on migration projects from the central web-based dashboard. Also invite users as view-only to review analytics results
  • Partner Multi-tenant – Create New Accounts Per Customer: Migrating multiple clients at once? Provision a fresh Cloud FastPath account to keep their systems and jobs separated.
Project management for data migrations with Cloud Fastpath

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