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$200 minimum
For Volumes of up to Two Terabytes*


Includes pre-paid bulk capacity discounts and technology to accelerate projects to completion. Managed migrations available.



Transfer Performance Enhancements

WAN Optimization/TCP Tuning
API Call Optimization
Network Bandwidth Controls
Unlimited file size
Support for all file types

Zero Setup Fees
Detailed Reporting

Real Time Reporting
Event logs
Powerful Filters
Interactive Visualizations
Transfer Monitoring
Post-Transfer Reporting with Checksums

Unlimited Number of On-premises deployments
Scheduling & Chaining
Incremental Migration & Delta Sync
In-app and Email Support

If Supported by Target System:
Last Modified Date/Time
File Name
File Type
Created Date/Time

File Versions
Migration Simulation

Know what will happen without moving a single file:

  • Automatically Identify Potential Errors
  • Get Estimates for Transfer Duration
  • Remediate Potential Bottlenecks

Scaleable Up to Hundreds of Thousands of Users
User and Group Ownership and Permission Mapping

Automatically Map:

  • User Accounts
  • Groups
  • Ownership
  • Sharing, permissions, and ACLs

Analyze Permissions on Source
Translate Platform-Specific Roles
Pre-Built Permissions Mapping Strategies
Audit and Edit Permissions on the Target System
Flexible Custom Mapping to Meet Every Requirement

Transfer Speeds of Over
50TB Per Day
File Comments (with Owner)**, Specialty File Formats Like Google Docs
Pre-Migration Analytics

Full Suite of Migration Planning Tools
Analyze Source Data Based On:

  • Files per User
  • File Size
  • Last Modified Date
  • Created Date
  • Ownership
  • Directory Size
  • Linked Files
  • Permissions
  • Last Access
  • Much More

Segment Source Data and Create Policy-Based Migrations
Automatically Identify Potential Errors
Get Estimates for Transfer Duration

Access to SharePoint On-premises and ECM Connectors
Automatic Job Splitting
Bandwidth Scheduling
Parallel Loading & Job Concurrency
Support for Custom Metadata

Flexibly map any custom metadata
Integrate with metadata templates
Examples of metadata: height/width/size, exif, price, color, content, tags, DICOM info, and much more
Migration Project Center

Comprehensive project management dashboard for large-scale migrations. Includes tools for top-level tracking of migration progress, overall reporting, and migration segment organization.
Multiple User Accounts and View-Only Role Functionality
Phone and Screenshare Support
Quick Start Training with Dedicated Account Manager
API Access


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* Minimum package is $200 for the initial month subscription that includes 200GB. Subsequent months are $50 billed automatically and include 50GB additional transfer capacity per month. Usage over total capacity is billed at $1/GB at the end of each billing cycle. Any unused capacity rolls over between billing cycles. Cannot be used by service providers to migrate multiple clients.
**Dependent on system type

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