Accelerated ShareFile Migration from On-Premises and Cloud Sources

Easily Migrate Bulk Content, Users, and Permissions to ShareFile.

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Cloud FastPath Simplifies a ShareFile Migration.

Cloud FastPath provides the tools needed for a successful migration to ShareFile. Cloud FastPath’s pre-migration analysis, exceptional transfer rates, and post-migration reporting allow your organization to more quickly adopt ShareFile.

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Cloud FastPath provides benefits for each stage of a migration to or from ShareFile :


  • Cloud FastPath’s simulate feature gives insight into your data before anything is transferred. The simulate feature scans the target system and provides graphical visualizations so you can profile and plan your migration.
  • The filechooser makes it easy to select which directories, users, or files need to be migrated.
  • Cloud FastPath connects to a variety of on-premises or cloud based systems in minutes.


  • ShareFile API optimization, WAN optimization, and TCP tuning ensure the fastest possible transfer rates into ShareFile.
  • Error handling specifically designed for ShareFile .
  • Easily replicate complicated permissions structures from source systems into ShareFile. This provides an organized approach to a ShareFile migration.
  • Schedule transfers for a specific time and date or create chaining transfers. No more failed transfer jobs and babysitting.


  • Thorough, downloadable reports give assurance as to what was successfully transferred. Checksums are provided for each file.
  • Use the sync feature to provide a smooth cutover and transition for users.

Case Study: IT Solutions Provider Migrates to ShareFile from Many Sources

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Case Study: Guidant Migrates Millions of Files to ShareFile

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Case Study: Non-technical Employee at Small Business Easily Migrates to ShareFile

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Cloud FastPath ShareFile Migration Experience Overview:

Cloud FastPath POP architecture

ShareFile Migration Overview

Cloud FastPath greatly reduces the effort and time required for a successful ShareFile migration and sync.

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