Fully Automated OneDrive for Business Migration and Sync

Accelerate your organization’s adoption of OneDrive for Business.

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Cloud FastPath Simplifies your Migration to and Sync of OneDrive for Business.

A large scale migration to OneDrive for Business from on-premises or cloud based systems is bound to run into issues and requires massive time investment. Cloud FastPath’s toolset has been designed to ensure a simple, fast, secure, and successful migration to OneDrive for Business.

When moving many hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of users to OneDrive for Business you are likely to run into these issues:

  • Exceptionally slow transfer speeds.
  • Errors with file path lengths greater than 400 characters as well as disallowed filetypes and characters.
  • Failed transfers with no indication and no error handling.
  • No way to retain user permissions, groups, or folder structure.
  • Uncertainty as to what was successfully transferred and to where.
  • No central control when moving hundreds or thousands of users.
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Cloud FastPath provides benefits for each stage of a migration to or from OneDrive for Business:


  • Cloud FastPath’s analytics features give insight into data on a file share or in cloud storage. Automatically discover and exclude file path length issues, disallowed characters, and disallowed filetypes. Create policy-based migration segments. Then the fileset can be filtered by aspects such as size, last modified, owner, and more.
  • The simulation feature will show the results of a migration before a single file is moved.
    It will also provide transfer time estimates.
  • The filechooser provides an easy way to select which directories or files which need to be migrated.
  • Cloud FastPath quickly connects to a variety of on-premises or cloud based systems.


  • WAN optimization, TCP tuning, and OneDrive API optimization enable Cloud FastPath to migrate multiple TB per day into OneDrive for Business.
  • Error handling specifically designed for OneDrive for Business.
  • User and group permission mapping ensures once the files are in OneDrive the users will not have to readjust to a new organization.
  • Scheduling allows for an organized approach for moving large filesets. Set it and forget it – no more babysitting.


  • Detailed reporting to give assurance into exactly what was successfully moved and to where, as well as any failed transfers.
  • Differential sync to ensure a smooth cutover period after the bulk of files has been transferred.
  • Cloud FastPath’s sync features help reduce the cutover time after a migration. In addition, sync OneDrive with entire file shares for compliance or backup.

Cloud FastPath POP architecture

OneDrive Migration Overview

Cloud FastPath greatly reduces the effort and time required for a successful OneDrive for Business migration and sync.

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Datasheet: Simple Migration to OneDrive for Business.

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Easily establish integrations with OneDrive for Business from a central dashboard accessible via any browser.


Cloud FastPath’s proprietary protocols ensure upload links are optimized for the fastest transfer rates.


Data is encrypted at the source and in motion using 256-bit SSL encryption. No files are ever stored in Cloud FastPath servers – it is streamed directly between the source and target.


Data movement simulation, automation, chaining, and error handling save time.


Real time file transfer reporting with extensive post-transfer reporting.