Automated Google Drive Migration and Sync

Speed adoption of Google Drive with fast and organized migrations.

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Seamlessly Migrate to Google Drive from On-premises Storage or Cloud Collaboration Platforms.

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Migrate all metadata, permissions (ACLs), sharing, users, comments, Google Docs, and files to Google Drive

Home Drives to Google Drive Accounts Home drive to Google Drive account migrations

Shared Content to Team Drives Shared content to Google Team drives migrations

Migrate Google Drive to Google Drive Google Drive to Google Drive migrations

A Google Drive Migration and sync with hundreds to thousands of users and millions of files can quickly become overwhelming. Cloud FastPath provides a fully automated solution to quickly and securely move your team onto Google Drive.

Case Study: Intuit Migrates Multiple TB into Google Drive

Simple Migrations to Google Drive

Cloud FastPath makes your migration to Google Drive simple with features such as:

  • Automatic user and group permission mapping enables you to migrate many hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of users into Google Drive from file servers or other cloud platforms..
  • Simulation allows you to identify and scope what you need to transfer and estimate how long it will take. You can filter by file size and owner to shrink the total migration size and remove unneeded files.
  • Scheduling, triggering, and notifications create a fully automated migration experience.
  • Powerful syncing ensures that changes during a migration are automatically picked up and delivered before cutover.
  • Logging and reporting let you pinpoint errors for fast resolution and track exactly what files are moved, delivering a full migration audit trail.

For on-premises file shares to Google Drive Migration a lightweight application is downloaded onto the local server and the migration can be controlled from any browser, anywhere via a cloud native SaaS dashboard.

Fast & Efficient Migrations to Google Drive

Unique features such as: advanced file compression, WAN optimization, streamlined error handling and retry logic, and optimized data extraction and loading combined allow Cloud FastPath to deliver unmatched performance to Google Drive, easily moving GBs and TBs through public and private networks alike. Our solution reaches ingest rates of over 300 MB/s, per thread, which is more than 30 times faster than a common command line tool.

Secure Migrations to Google Drive

Securing your data in motion is always a priority. Cloud FastPath uses 256-bit SSL encryption, and your files are never stored, never staged and never cached with Cloud FastPath. Files move directly from your designated sources to your targets in Google Drive.

Watch the demo video below to see how easy it is to use Cloud FastPath.

Datasheet: how Cloud FastPath migrates data into Google Drive


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