Create cloud-based, efficient, secure, and automated data streams to and from Google Cloud Storage.

Quickly transfer data to Google Cloud Storage from many locations and systems

Cloud FastPath is specifically designed to optimize throughput upload speed into Google Cloud Storage for large data sets.

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Using Cloud storage and maximizing its potential greatly depends on the ability to securely and efficiently transfer large volumes of data from on-premises systems, move between cloud environments, and sync with external infrastructure. Cloud FastPath creates WAN optimized data streams from cloud and on-premises systems to Google Cloud in minutes. No libraries, servers, software, or dependencies to maintain.

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POP architecture for Google cloud migrations

Common use cases for Cloud FastPath and Google Cloud Storage:

  • Migrating data from other Cloud services or on-premises storage
    • For example, from Amazon S3 into Google Cloud Storage or network file shares into Google Cloud Storage
  • Backup an EFSS platform to Google Cloud Storage
    • For example, automatically backup up your company’s [Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc] data into Google Cloud Storage
  • Transfer Data for archiving for auditing and compliance
  • Transfer data for analysis in Google Cloud Storage
  • Content lifecycle management
  • Big Data Programs

Cloud Fastpath showing file tree and pie chart during Google Cloud storage migration


Quickly setup integrations with Google Cloud Storage from a central cloud-native SaaS dashboard.


Cloud FastPath can quickly move any number of files of any size into Google Cloud Storage using WAN optimization, transfer protocol enhancements, and advanced compression.


Data is encrypted at the source using 256-bit SSL encryption and remains fully encrypted in motion. No data touches the Cloud FastPath application and no data gets staged – direct data movement between sources and targets.


Metadata management, simulation, automation, scheduling, and advanced logging.


Monitor transfer jobs in real-time. Ensure the right data reaches Google Cloud Storage.