Fully Automated Egnyte Connect Migration and Sync

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Easily migrate to Egnyte Connect from on-premises and cloud based file systems

Cloud FastPath drastically reduces the time and effort required to migrate many hundreds or thousands of users into Egnyte Connect.

Cloud FastPath’s proprietary WAN optimization technology, content analytics, migration automation, centralized cloud native SaaS control panel, and pre/post data transfer reporting greatly reduces Egnyte Connect migration and sync complexity.

Cloud FastPath is built with security as a priority – all data in motion is encrypted and data flows directly between external file systems and Egnyte Connect with no data staging or caching.

With permission, group, and user mapping you can ensure filesystem structure is maintained during a migration to Egnyte Connect. This encourages faster user adoption and saves valuable IT time

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Cloud FastPath Egnyte Migration Overview:

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Cloud FastPath Accelerates a Large Scale Egnyte Connect Migration

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Quickly setup integrations with Egnyte Connect from a central cloud native SaaS dashboard.


Cloud FastPath can quickly move any number of files of any size into Egnyte Connect using WAN optimization, transfer protocol enhancements, and advanced compression.


Data is encrypted at the source using 256-bit SSL encryption and remains fully encrypted in motion. No data touches the Cloud FastPath application and no data gets staged – direct data movement between sources and targets.


Metadata management, simulation, automation, scheduling, and advanced logging.


Monitor transfer jobs in real time. Ensure the right data reaches Egnyte Connect.