Setup high-speed data pipelines from on-premises systems and cloud providers in minutes.

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Transfer Data to Azure

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Moving data into and out of Azure is critical for maintaining business applications and reliable storage systems. Cloud FastPath is designed to move and sync massive amounts of data with Azure.

Setting up data pipelines into and out of Azure is simple. Click, authenticate, and start.

Common use cases for cloud FastPath and Microsoft Azure:

  • Consolidating storage into Azure from on-premises and other cloud providers
    • Azure plays a vital role when adopting O365. While most of the data will migrate directly into OneDrive or SharePoint Online, Azure is a good target for cold data or archives.
  • Backup an EFSS platfrom to Azure
    • For example, automatically backup your company’s [Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc] data into Azure
  • Long term data archiving and storage
  • Data ingest for analytics and processing
  • Migrate data from AWS to Azure

POP architecture for Azure storage