Are you planning a migration to Onedrive for Business? Here are some options:

Free Tools:

There are a variety of free options for migrating data to OneDrive. The three primary methods are:

  • Microsoft FastTrack Services
  • Office 365 data import utility
  • Custom scripts

Whether or not you use these tools depends on a lot of factors. The biggest one is the overall size of the migration, the timeline associated with the migration, and what the outcomes are you expecting to occur.

Microsoft FastTrack is the best of these options. If you qualify the very talented team will help you migrate your data and train your users. The service is free, but it does have some significant limitations. The amount of source systems is limited, the kind of metadata that can be brought over is limited, and most of all, there is a limited number of users / amount of data that can be moved.

The Office 365 data import utility is really not ideal as a solution for migrating users to OneDrive. It is confusing, cumbersome, buggy, and does not have any of the automation abilities or ability to map users, permissions, or metadata. It should be best used when migrating some fairly stale data to SharePoint Online, and maybe not even for that.

Custom scripting is a great option for small and uncomplicated migrations. There are plenty of options out there and they can be found with a quick Google search. You can expect to run into the same issues as you would with any kind of DIY solution: lack of features such as and reporting, scheduling, and sync, slow transfer rates, lots of errors, and lots of troubleshooting. With a migration, it’s important to remember that for every error that occurs you can expect to add precious time to the duration of the migration.

Paid Solutions:

There are a lot of paid OneDrive migration tools on the market. Some are incredibly feature-rich and require an extensive deployment, complicated licensing, and many end up wondering why these providers basically recreated features that already exist in Office 365.

There are also a variety of tools which take the approach the “old” way by providing a feature lacking, yet an inexpensive piece of software that is not routinely updated. While these tools can get the job done they cannot handle large migrations or any kind of complicated file set.

When evaluating options for paid OneDrive migration tools, always check for security, performance, and their ability to generate the successful outcome you have in mind.

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