What’s New in Office 365 for April 2018

As one of the most dynamic and adaptable cloud collaboration platforms available, Microsoft’s Office 365 is constantly growing and changing. With all the new features, it can be difficult to stay on top of these updates, which is why Cloud FastPath is doing it for you! Below are the latest and greatest additions to Office 365, and our thoughts on why they matter!

SharePoint’s Admin Center Rolls Out Worldwide

With a host of new organizational, management, and notification features, updates to the SharePoint admin center provide administrators with enhanced control, and new ways to centralize and oversee enterprise collaboration. Large organizations using SharePoint can potentially have thousands of individual Team Sites, and Microsoft’s new admin center provides an easy to navigate, easy to use hub from which admins can manage them all. Now, this new admin center is available worldwide, providing these evolving benefits to every single Office 365 user.

Cyber-threats Be Gone

Aware of the growing concerns about cybercrime, Office 365 has added a number of features to protect users from cybercriminals, including the ability to test links; control whether documents and emails can be forwarded, downloaded, and copied; and an enhanced backup system that helps users avoid the dangers of ransomware. Supplemented by additional virus protection and data security features, this suite offers one of the most comprehensive arsenals against cybercrime of any cloud collaboration platform.

Office 2019 Previews are Here

Office 2019’s commercial previews have just arrived, providing users with their first hands-on look at new functionalities for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. How the updates to the basic Office suite will affect OneDrive and SharePoint remains to be seen, however Microsoft has promised a preview of SharePoint 2019 (alongside Skype for Business, Project Server, and Exchange) in the coming months. Office 365 ProPlus promises enhanced, if yet unspecified) integrations with Office 2019, though Microsoft assures customers that the benefits of the updates are not limited to cloud storage users.

Mac, iOS, and Android Receive New Sharing and Collaboration Features for OneDrive

One of the major benefits of cloud collaboration platforms is the ability to work remotely—for users to use whatever device they’re most comfortable with to access and manage their files, as opposed to simply being shackled to one work device. With this in mind, Microsoft has updated the collaborative and sharing capabilities of OneDrive for Mac, iOS, and Android. This means users who don’t rely on Windows now have access to the entire scope of OneDrive collaborative capabilities, fulfilling the ultimate promise of cloud platforms: to achieve maximum productivity by working where you want, how you want.

Increase in SharePoint Online Storage Allocation

As of July 1, enterprise-level SharePoint Online users will have access to increased storage, with additions made based on the size of their organization. Understanding the value of expanded storage for collaboration purposes, Microsoft has taken into account the immense digital growth that enterprises are seeing, and provided an expanded framework by which they can optimize productivity, and empower users to do their best work. The below chart, provided by Microsoft, gives users a basic idea of how storage allocation will be expanded in relation to organization size:

Increased storage allocations for Microsoft Office and Sharepoint