Options for Sharing Files in Office 365

When it comes to Office 365 and OneDrive, Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to grow and improve, providing users at all levels with a platform that empowers them to accomplish whatever it may be they’re relying on it for. Recently, Microsoft has rolled out a series of changes aimed specifically at sharing functionalities, a push which makes it easier than ever to control who can see and edit files on the OneDrive platform, and continues the company’s legacy of ensuring users feel in control of the tools they’re using.

Sharing Directly from the Desktop

As Microsoft’s answer to Google Drive and Dropbox, OneDrive has always been about enabling collaboration on and sharing of files, both for individual users and across organizations. Now, in the wake of its announcement of OneDrive Files On-Demand–which allows users to view all of their files directly on their device without those files taking up any disc space–Microsoft has explained that it will extend the major features of that update to OneDrive’s sharing capabilities as well. This means users will no longer need to access OneDrive through a web browser or app to share files. They can simply access and share their files directly through File Explorer or Finder.

Easier Sharing for End Users

This heightened customizability combined with the new, friendlier OneDrive UI is designed specifically to give users as much control over their files as possible, to cutback on roadblocks to being able to share files on the go, and to guarantee that files may be shared securely. These changes also demonstrate the specific attention Microsoft has been paying to its OneDrive users, trotting out simple and transformative additions, as opposed to bells and whistles. By making sharing in OneDrive simpler and more manageable, Microsoft continues to put its customers first, empowering them to put a user’s files in the best hands possible: his or her own.

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Admin Control Over Sharing Options

On an enterprise level, OneDrive is further expanding on the adaptability of its platform, with Global Admins able to adjust sharing settings for different files across their organizations, dictating whether that file can be easily shared via link, whether it will require an invitation sent by a user with access to the file, whether it will be restricted to users within the organization, or whether external users can also gain access.

Such options include

  • the ability to choose whether to share a file via
    • direct links: accessible only to those who already have permission;
    • internal links: accessible only to those within an organization;
  • intuitive external sharing settings–now visualized as a sliding scale that shows admins where their chosen settings fall in terms of permissiveness—that allow admins to pre-set who can see files, preventing secure information from accidentally being shared with someone who is not meant to have access to the file that contains it.
  • you can also explicitly restrict sharing to certain domains, such as a competitor or freemail domain.

With these new abilities at your disposal, OneDrive is more effective than ever at sharing files, providing you with the tools you need to guarantee the highest standard of collaboration.

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