The Intrazone Gives Users an In-Depth Look at OneDrive

On the most recent episode of the Intrazone—a Microsoft podcast discussing how Office 365 solutions can help organizations build a thriving and dynamic intranet, co-hosts Mark Cashman and Chris McNulty dive into the power of OneDrive.

While we’re big fans of the podcast, we’re especially happy to see it focus so much on OneDrive. Cloud FastPath has migrated tens of thousands of users to OneDrive, and love to hear from the people working on OneDrive about it’s past, present, and future!

For anyone interested in just how OneDrive functions and how businesses of all sizes and industries are using the platform to power growth and collaboration, the resulting conversation—occasionally joined by a number of other OneDrive experts—is a fascinating peek into just what OneDrive is.

The entire episode is well worth your time, but for those of you who can’t listen to it right this second, we wanted to provide a few highlights that might pique your interest.

A Brief History of OneDrive

Even though OneDrive is considered one of the most definitive cloud collaboration platforms on the market, OneDrive as we know it now is actually relatively new, and continually evolving. At the very beginning of the episode Chris and Mark dip their toes into the history of OneDrive, and help listeners understand how it grew into its current form. It’s as much a tutorial in the structure and applications of the platform as it is a history lesson.

OneDrive’s Continued Success in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Recently, Gartner declared OneDrive a “leader” in this year’s Magic Quadrant report on cloud collaboration platforms, marking the second year in a row that Microsoft’s platform has received the title. Joined by OneDrive Engineering Partner Group Program Manager Jason Moore and Senior Product Manager for OneDrive Stephen Rose, Mark and Chris break down exactly what the Gartner report means, and why OneDrive received the praise it did. This allows the group to talk about the way in which sharing is structured across different devices.

Chatting with MVP Hans Brender

Colloquially known in the community as Mr. OneDrive, Hans Brender is a Microsoft MVP who stops by the show to lend his own perspective on the benefits of the platform. Starting as the CEO of a company in Germany that specialized in sales consultancy for Microsoft, Brender knows better than nearly anyone what customers look for in cloud collaboration platforms and OneDrive specifically.

While these three segments specifically caught our eye, the entirety of the episode is an extensive and deeply helpful resource for anyone who wants to better understand OneDrive and OneDrive Business.