Exploring the new SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365

We’re excited about the new SharePoint Online admin center.


Centralized control.

There are a few new updates and additions to the SharePoint Online admin center, including 3rd party API management and notification settings. While those updates are great, the new “site management” area really stands out: an awesome command center for all of the SharePoint sites across an Office 365 instance.

A large organization on Office 365 can potentially have hundreds to tens of thousands of individual sites. Depending on your organization’s policies and settings, a site can be created by the following methods:

  • Creation of an Office 365 or exchange group
  • Creation of a Team
  • Manual creation of a site by an end user
  • Manual creation of a site via site collection admin

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Organizing the jungle of SharePoint Online sites is no easy task. The new site management center offers a big help. In the new view, ALL sites can be managed, and important elements can be quick-edited and filtered on.

Sharepoint engagement overview per site

We think the most powerful filtering capability is being able to select a specific value per-category. For example, you can organize thousands of sites based on the primary admin and be able to administer all of them at once. This functionality is available for many of the categories, including:

  • Templates (select)
  • Office 365 group sites (yes/no)
  • External sharing (yes/no)

The rest of the categories can be sorted by value or date.

Searching and sorting Sharepoint sites per owner

You can also customize the view:

Customizing the columns of the Sharepoint site engagement dashboard

When accessing an individual site, the new admin center gives a wealth of information and gives the direct access URL. In addition, you can easily manage admins and access:

Manage admins and owners per Sharepoint site

The new admin center is currently 100% in targeted release. To put your tentant into targeted release, find out more here

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