Don’t Miss Out on Microsoft’s Latest Migration Offer

Following their offer to reward partners who drive usage of and migration to Office 365 and OneDrive Microsoft has made yet another generous offer in hopes to increase adoption of the Office 365 platform. The company will now buy out the contracts of Box, Dropbox, and Google customers who are looking to make the move to OneDrive, with a minimum commitment of 500 users.

For those who have been considering a change and were concerned about the money spent on their existing storage subscriptions, this is a big deal. By offering to buy out existing contracts, Microsoft is taking a big step to assuage concerns, presenting a scenario in which customers need not be shackled to their current contracts, forced to accept less out of fear of leaving money on the table.

Of course, the question of money might not be the only thing on the minds of Box, Dropbox, or Google customers who have been weighing the benefits of a change. With so much data often stored on these platforms, the prospect of having to move all of one’s files from their existing storage platforms over to Office 365 might seem like just as much of a hindrance as their current contracts.

That’s where we come in.

With Cloud FastPath, customers don’t need to view the process of migrating their files over to OneDrive as an insurmountable challenge. The Cloud FastPath platform is designed to help organizations move massive amounts of data swiftly and securely, ensuring that no business feels held hostage by the prospect of migration. With tutorials on migrating to OneDrive from a host of different platforms, Cloud FastPath is dedicated to ensuring that customers are able to move what they need, when they need.

What can you expect from a cloud-to-OneDrive migration with Cloud FastPath?

Backed by an expert and dedicated team, Cloud FastPath provides customers with constant support and detailed reporting around their migration, guaranteeing that users don’t have to worry about embarking on their move alone.

  • Step 1: Run a thorough analysis on the cloud platform using Cloud FastPath Analytics
  • Step 2: Work with the Cloud FastPath support team to design the migration stages, prioritize users, and plan the rollout phases.
  • Step 3: Work with the Cloud FastPath support team to validate permission and sharing mapping and run simulations to identify any errors before migrating
  • Step 4: Start parallelized migration streams to migrate many hundreds or thousands of users per day
  • Step 5: Run continuous syncs until the planned cutover date

With Microsoft providing customers the opportunity to step away from existing contracts without worrying about the cost, and Cloud FastPath providing a simple and efficient means to migrate, there’s never been a better time to make the jump to OneDrive.But like all good things, this offer won’t last forever. With a deadline of June 30th, it’s important for customers considering Microsoft’s proposition to act as soon as possible. Those who don’t might end up kicking themselves.