Check Out Cloud FastPath’s Ultimate Guide to Migrating Shared Drives to SharePoint Online

If you’re considering migrating your shared drives to SharePoint Online, there are a number of things you have to consider. How are you going to structure your SharePoint Online architecture? What sort of sites do you want to make the core of your environment? How will you plan your migration to make sure that all your users and files get where they need to go in that environment?

That’s why Cloud FastPath created the Ultimate Guide to Migrating Shared Drives to SharePoint Online!

This comprehensive look at the process of migrating drives to SharePoint Online, then deploying SharePoint Online successfully is designed to help businesses understand all the ins and outs of the SharePoint Online infrastructure before they undertake their migration. It explores how the customizability of SharePoint Online allows IT teams and admins to carefully select how permissions will be handled, and it allows organizations to build a multi-tiered online architecture that utilizes a number of different site options to ensure teams and departments have the perfect, specialized environments in which to operate. Curious about the differences between tall and flat architectures? Our guide has you covered! Wondering whether a Team site will provide your admins with the sharing controls they need? Our guide will explain it all!

When it comes to cloud migration, it’s always important to be prepared. Cloud FastPath is dedicated to providing enterprises, not only with the best migration tools, but also the most thorough knowledge of the process and the platform to which they’re looking to migrate. With the Ultimate Guide to Migrating Shared Drives to SharePoint Online, your business will enter your SPO migration armed with everything you need to know to optimize your experience in the cloud, and ensure your organization experiences all the benefits SharePoint Online has to offer!

Download the Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Online Migration and Deployment