November 2018 Release Notes

We’re constantly striving to bring improved functionality, reliability, and usability to Cloud FastPath, and to keep our users, both current and future, briefed on what’s new for the Cloud FastPath tool. Cloud collaboration platforms and cloud migration needs are ever-evolving, and one of the primary strengths of CFP is that we’re always evolving with them. As such, we’d like to introduce some new features, and initiatives.

Check out our November 2018 release notes:

Detection of Linked Files

Cloud FastPath Analytics can now detect external links in spreadsheets during analysis, simulation, and transfer when the source is an on-premises file server. Currently supported file types are Excel .xlsx and OpenOffice .ods.  When links are found inside these files, we will flag them and report the target path in the new “Links” pane in the analysis view, and a similar column in the exported report.  You can use this feature to identify potentially problematic user files before migration and to help plan for remediation if required.

SharePoint Online 

Sharepoint Online system setup has been simplified. We now default to “full site” mode where you can browse the accessible sites from the file chooser, and no longer need to specify a site collection in the CFP system. This also allows you to select multiple sites in a single job where Sharepoint Online is the source. This is particularly helpful for splitting up large, complex content into many sites, teams, and document libraries.

Mapping Capabilities

Data Only / Apply ACLs modes are now stored in the job configuration, and the scheduler will run the job with the stored configuration.  Previously the scheduler always ran in Apply ACLs mode.

Custom metadata mapping error reporting has improved.

We now support Rackspace Cloud Files as an APM source, which allows the mapping spreadsheet to be used to redirect files from a single bucket out to multiple target accounts.  We can do this for the other object stores as well — let us know if this would be useful.

User Interface Improvements

The navigation bar in the CFP web application has been streamlined and a dropdown menu for quick access to common operations has been added.

We have made various mobile device accessibility improvements to the web application, making it even easier to check on the status of a migration while on the go. This also includes an alternate mode of “standard configuration” which does not require drag and drop.  It is now possible — if not yet as elegantly as we would like — to use all features of the CFP web application on a phone or tablet.

The Project Center has received optimizations for processing very large sets of jobs.

Analytics Upgrades

Filesystem Analytics now include user “namespacing” for systems which do not have a shared filesystem, so you can browse by user in an analysis.

Last access time has been added to analysis and transfer reports.  Many systems do not fully support this, but some do.

We have made some general improvements to Collaborator Analytics

Partner and Billing Functionality

There is a new Usage and Billing page which shows a month by month total of usage as well as purchased capacity remaining.

Partners who create accounts for their customers can now view usage and billing data for all of those accounts in the new Billing page.

Google GSuite

You can now migrate from one GSuite domain to another GSuite domain without exporting documents. Instead, we can automatically share and transfer ownership of all native content, and transfer the rest as usual.  We also migrate all comments from the source to the target.

Team Drives are now supported.

Windows App

The Windows App has been changed to use the bundled TLS certificates in all cases.  This solves a problem when the host machine’s TLS certificate store is out of date or affected by GPO policy which can result in SSL_CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED errors during registration even in the absence of a SSL forward proxy.

If you’re interested in learning more, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We always love to hear from organizations interested or invested in cloud collaboration platforms and enterprise migration projects. We grow best with your input!