Case Study

Intuit Acquires TSheets And Consolidates All Google Content With CFP


Intuit acquires TSheets and consolidates 1.2 TB of Google content by migrating all content to Intuit’s Google Drive.


  • Intuit to either move the entire TSheets domain to the Intuit Gsuite domain or migrate the TSheets files and users to the Intuit Google Drive

  • Effectively integrate pre-existing Tsheets accounts into Intuit’s file structure

  • Maintain pre-existing commenting structure by preserving both content and context


  • In order to avoid creating and maintaining two environments, Intuit chose to migrate TSheets content to Intuit’s Google Drive

  • With CFP pre-migration planning, Intuit structured the migration into segments and planned cutovers

  • All permissions and sharing capabilities were migrated without disruption to pre-existing collaborative projects

  • Individual comments were successfully migrated from TSheets resulting in enhanced collaboration between teams

Cloud FastPath Enterprise Platform, Cloud FastPath Enterprise Capacity, Standard Support

Automatic Permission Mapping, Parallel Loading,
Post-Transfer Reporting