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Cloud FastPath has powered thousands of migrations ranging from hundreds of gigabytes to multiple petabytes. Learn what we (and others) have found:

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Analytics Answers Your Top 4 Questions About the Unstructured Content Living Across Your Organization

Have questions about your migration? More often than not analytics...
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Four Ways Automated Content Mapping is Essential to Migration Success

The potential of automated content mapping has revolutionized the process...
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Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Online for End Users

When organizations migrate to SharePoint Online, it's essential that users...
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How to Split Up Content to Multiple SharePoint Online Sites

When migrating to SharePoint Online, it's crucial that all of...
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Content Mapping Infographic

In our latest infographic, we tackle the six most helpful...
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Why Should You Migrate File Servers to the Cloud?

In this short, educational video, we cover the many reasons...
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Ultimate Guide to Migrating Shared Drives to Box

Migrating shared drives to Box has helped countless businesses grow...
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Migrate Shared Drives to SharePoint Online

Migrating your shared drives to SharePoint Online can seem daunting...
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Migrate From File Servers to the Cloud

Again and again, file servers force organizations to waste time,...
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Discover the Power of Cloud FastPath’s Project Center

Cloud FastPath's Project Center revolutionizes how your organization accomplishes migration....
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Cloud FastPath Features to Help Migrate Multiple Clients

With Cloud FastPath, you can deliver the best in cloud...
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Cloud Collaboration vs On-Premises Storage: Leaving Legacy Storage in the Dust

Discover how cloud collaboration puts files servers to shame!
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Dropbox Benefits Guide

Discover the latest updates to Dropbox Business, including Smart Sync,...
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Identifying the Risks of Storage Sprawl

Do your admins know what exists on your disparate file...
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In this report we give a report on FTP's insufficiencies,...
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The Ultimate Office 365 File Migration Guide

Download the ultimate migration guide for OneDrive for Business and...
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Migration ROI whitepaper

This guide shows how to use Cloud FastPath Analytics to...
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Cloud FastPath Security

Learn more about Cloud FastPath's secure content migration, sync, and...
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Content in the Cloud? Kickstart Digital Transformation with a Practical Migration Strategy

The time to migrate is now. Learn from the pros...
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How to Migrate to the Cloud

In this ebook learn about what you need to know...
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Case Study: Data Intensive Research Firm Replicates and Syncs Data Between Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive

To more effectively manage their storage sprawl Touchstone backed up...
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Why Cloud FastPath

In this ebook learn about how Cloud FastPath ensures successful...
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Data Transmission Options

In this eBook learn about the various options for migrating...
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Data Migration Complexities

Content migration can be complex. In this ebook learn how...
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