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Migrate to SharePoint Online from on-premises or cloud file systems

Cloud FastPath is designed to accelerate migration and file sync into SharePoint Online from on-premises systems and other cloud providers. Cloud FastPath automatically maps ownership and sharing from file systems into SharePoint Online.

With Cloud FastPath’s pre-migration analytics you can easily:

  • Scan source content to identify content that is best suited for SharePoint Online
  • Flag any disallowed file types, path length issues, or file size issues
  • Segment content based on users, groups, collaboration, or permissions
  • Design SharePoint Online site infrastructure based on the content makeup

Cloud FastPath can achieve exceptional SharePoint Online migration speeds with WAN optimization, TCP tuning, auto retry, parallelism, and API optimizations.

Cloud FastPath permission mapping capabilities give you the option to fully automate the process of mapping permissions or create a manual and flexible map on your own.

Cloud FastPath’s post-migration reporting validates a migration or sync with checksums for every file and folder.

Cloud FastPath is ideal for migrating and syncing content for the following systems:

  • Network file servers/shares to SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 to SharePoint Online
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 to SharePoint Online
  • Box to SharePoint Online
  • Dropbox to SharePoint Online
  • Other cloud systems

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Download our Ultimate Guide for Migrating Shared Drives to SharePoint Online:

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