Easily Migrate and Sync Content to Egnyte Connect and Egnyte Enabled Systems

Migrate to Egnyte

Cloud FastPath greatly reduces the time and resources required to transfer content to Egnyte Connect.

Deploying Egnyte’s cloud or hybrid environments is an excellent option to consolidate your entire organizations storage into a secure and collaborative environment; but moving all of your users to Egnyte Connect can be time consuming and error prone.

With Cloud FastPath you can migrate to Egnyte Connect from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, on-premises systems and much more without wasting time or resources. Cloud FastPath makes migrating to Egnyte fast and simple, like no other tool can.

Cloud FastPath quickly connects to other systems via a central cloud dashboard. From there you can run simulations on file shares to scope content based on aspects such as file size, last modified date, and owner. Then, you can decide what content to migrate to Egnyte Connect, and schedule transfer jobs to run automatically and with defined bandwidth. Cloud FastPath’s API enhancements and WAN optimization ensure extremely fast transfer rates. Other features include:

  • User Account & User Permission Mapping: Since Egnyte supports the most capable and flexible permissions structures, it’s important to be able to replicate permissions into Egnyte. Cloud FastPath automatically migrates permissions between systems and Egnyte, and also provides analysis to enable you to make the changes that are needed.
  • Simulation: Cloud FastPath’s powerful simulation feature analyzes and identifies content so you can keep a migration to Egnyte Connect organized. Use the simulation feature to explore and filter content so you migrate only what you need. The simulation feature also identifies file types, file names, and file paths which are incompatible with Egnyte Connect.
  • Automated error handling: There is no need to monitor data migration jobs and wait for errors. Cloud FastPath provides automatic error handling and retry as well as robust reporting.
  • Scheduling: Using Cloud FastPath’s scheduling feature means you can chain and schedule multiple migration jobs.
  • Sync: Keeping Egnyte Connect synced with other systems is effortless. Create a sync job once and let it run as long as needed.

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