Easily migrate to Box from on-premises and cloud platforms

Migrate to Box with Cloud FastPath: the proven Box migration solution. A Box migration shouldn’t be held up with large data volumes, complex filesystem hierarchies, loss of permissions, network problems or lack of resources. Scripting or using FTP is bound to run into issues and verifying that a transfer was successful is difficult. Cloud FastPath streams all your files from disparate on-premises file systems to Box, and from other cloud environments to Box, securely and efficiently. Here are the steps taken for a proven successful Box migration:

  1. Pre-migration content analysis and reporting
  2. Design the Box migration “waves”. For example, how many users would you like to migrate per stream? From which locations?
  3. Determine Box adoption, training, and communication strategy
  4. Use automated permission and user mapping to seamlessly transfer users
  5. Schedule the migration waves to automatically resync
  6. Transfer with performance optimizations and parallel Box loading for speeds of over 50TB per day
  7. Verify transfers were successful with thorough post-migration reporting
  8. Cutover users and put old systems into read-only

Get a free trial to see how Cloud FastPath can simplify and accelerate your Box migration.

Cloud FastPath is able to migrate multiple TB’s per day to Box from on-premises file systems:

  • NAS
  • Windows Servers
  • Network fileshares
  • SharePoint
  • NetApp
  • EMC

or migrate to Box from other cloud solutions:

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Office365
  • Sharepoint Online
  • Egnyte

See How Cloud FastPath Works:

Configure: Easily deploy to on-premises systems and connect to cloud systems in seconds

Analyze: discover, understand, and organize your users’ data to create policy based migration plans

Execute: Automatically map permissions, ownership, roles and metadata