How To Migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive?

Migrating from Dropbox to OneDrive to consolidate systems to Office 365? Standardizing your users on OneDrive makes sense: 1TB of storage included,
easy access/syncing to SharePoint Online, and seamless integration with Exchange. See how Cloud FastPath Analysis and Simulation feature can guide you through decisions commonly found with a Dropbox to OneDrive Migration project.

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Dropbox To OneDrive Migration

Make sure your Dropbox Folder structure is retained

The folder structure is a critical element of your data. Not only is it the way your users are able to find their files, it’s also how content is shared and bookmarked. You will need the right migration tool to accurately migrate your folder structure.

Check File/Folder Path Length

OneDrive has a maximum path length of 400 characters for the file/ folder path length. That means if you have a file with more than 400 characters, you will not be able to copy it to OneDrive. Make sure that you find every file exceeding the limit and correct this before starting your migration.

Check your File Types

OneDrive accepts fewer file types than Dropbox. So, please check that you are not trying to migrate file types that are not allowed.

Migrate Your Dropbox User Accounts and Permissions to OneDrive.

You will need to map your user accounts and permissions to OneDrive. Permissions are implemented very differently between Dropbox and OneDrive. These will either have to be manually added in the new account or with the use of a dedicated migration tool. Without a migration tool that can automate this task, it can be one of the most labor-intensive phases of any migration. For small accounts you can try to manually transfer the user accounts. However, this is time consuming and delicate work where a small mistake can be difficult to track down.


It’s imperative to verify the data was transferred correctly after the migration, especially when large amounts of data are being moved.

Transfer Dropbox file Versions

Dropbox file versions don’t automatically map to OneDrive file versions. Many internal groups have different requirements when maintaining a specific number of versions. Cloud FastPath gives users the opportunity to specify how many versions to migrate. This type of advanced functionality gives teams the ability to both maintain key business processes post migration, but also allows migration teams to move only relevant information within the project scope.

Dropbox Paper Documents

Dropbox paper documents will have to be converted to readable documents. This can either be done with software automation or by the labor-intensive process of downloading, converting and then re-uploading every single file.

Dropbox Groups Vs OneDrive Exchange Groups

Dropbox groups are very different from Exchange (OneDrive) groups. They are more like SharePoint Online Groups and will need to be mapped from the Dropbox group permissions.

Cloud FastPath Has Helped Hundreds of Businesses move from Dropbox to OneDrive.

When migrating collaborative environments, it is important to remember that you are moving people and their workspaces and not just bits and bytes. A successful migration begins with its being transparent to the end users, but true success comes in the end user’s adoption and embracing of the new collaborative environment. With the right blend of analysis, automation, and reporting, Cloud FastPath gives operators access to information critical to driving adoption and creating a smooth migration experience. See how easy it is for yourself in our free

About moving to OneDrive for business.

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