Migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive

Migrating from Dropbox to OneDrive to consolidate systems to Office 365? Standardizing your users on OneDrive makes sense: 1TB of storage included, easy access/syncing to SharePoint Online, and seamless integration with exchange.

Before you start your Dropbox to OneDrive migration, here are some important things to consider:

  • Retain folder structure – If proper tools are not used then, it may be difficult to determine location of elements of a folder structure.
  • File path length – If a file or folder path length in Dropbox exceeds 400 characters OneDrive will not accept the files or folders. Finding these folders on your Dropbox instance is recommended beforehand is recommended.
  • File types – Dropbox and OneDrive permit different file types. OneDrive is more strict. These files need to be filtered out.
  • Dropbox accounts – Without a proper tool, it is difficult to automatically map user accounts between Dropbox and OneDrive. Therefore, you may end up transferring everything into one account and the content must be split up manually after.
  • Internal and external user & group permissions – Auditing and then applying permissions from Dropbox to OneDrive is impossible without a proper migration solution. The way permissions are created, managed, and how they work at the core are different between the systems.
  • Reporting – With large amounts of data being migrated, it is necessary that you validate that all data is successfully transferred to OneDrive.
  • Dropbox file versions – without a proper tool Dropbox file versions will not correctly map to OneDrive file versions.
  • Dropbox paper documents – Dropbox paper documents will have to be converted to readable documents. Without an automated solution they would have to be downloaded, converted, then re-uploaded to OneDrive.
  • Groups – Dropbox groups behave more like SharePoint Online Groups rather than Exchange Groups. It is necessary to automatically map group permissions between Dropbox and OneDrive

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