Seamlessly Migrate from Box to OneDrive

Are you migrating from Box to OneDrive to consolidate systems into Office 365? Great choice as OneDrive is offering 1TB for free per user. OneDrive’s functionality has quickly caught up with that of all the other major file sync and share platforms. Cloud FastPath can migrate your users, content, permissions, and sharing at rates of over 60TB per day.

Here are some of the major potential roadblocks to consider before embarking on a Box to OneDrive migration:

  • Retain folder structure – If proper tools are not used then, it may be difficult to determine location of elements of a folder structure.
  • File path length – With OneDrive’s path length now up to 400 characters, this problem is less likely to occur. However, Cloud FastPath will identify any path length issues in the pre-migration analytics.
  • Internal and external user & group permission mapping – Since permissions do not transfer over automatically, either they must be reassigned in OneDrive or a tool must be used to retain them. Cloud FastPath automatically migrates all internal and external accounts, sharing, permissions, and ownership.
  • Reporting – Since large amounts of data is being transferred, it is necessary that you are certain that all data is successfully transferred to OneDrive.
  • Box file versioning – Box file versions can be migrated but may have to be reassigned in OneDrive. This would be time consuming for millions of documents.
  • Box notes – Box notes will have to be converted to readable documents. They would have to be downloaded, converted, then reuploaded to OneDrive. With Cloud FastPath, they are automatically converted.
  • Box links Typically Box links represent a connection at a certain point in time. Since absolute links would change no matter what, it is best to audit the current Box links and communicate your users which links will change.
  • Groups – Box groups more closely resemble SharePoint Online Groups. Mapping permissions and ownership between Box groups and SharePoint Online Groups ensures smooth adoption

In 2019 alone we have migrated 100’s of TBs from Box to OneDrive. Get in touch to learn how Cloud FastPath addresses all of the requirements above for a successful Box to OneDrive migration.

Cloud FastPath addresses every requirement for a successful Box to OneDrive Migration. Enter your email to find out how:


Setup a transfer job in less than a minute.


Transfer rates of over 60TB per day backed by TCP tuning, WAN optimization, and automatic parallelism.


AES-256 encryption in flight and direct source-to-target data streaming.

“With Cloud FastPath we’ve been able to dramatically accelerate our EFSS migration. The Tervela team has been amazing. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner for this critical project.”

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