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Troubleshooting Connection

The Windows app occasionally will disconnect, or fail to initially connect, for any number of reasons.  If it is in desktop mode rather than service mode, it will disconnect if the registered Windows app user logs out.  The Windows app will also disconnect if the computer on which it is installed powers down.
Regardless of the reason that the Windows app has disconnected, here are the best ways to get it to connect again.  Note that it is very rare that you will need to delete the Windows app POP in CFP, or any of the drive systems connected to the Windows app.

Connecting a Win App That Hasn’t Connected

The most common reasons the Windows app fails to connect on installation are:

  1. Firewalls have not been configured to allow 443 access and access to ctl.www.cloudfastpath.com and www.cloudfastpath.com.
  2. A proxy or other MITM device is restricting traffic. Less frequently, shapers may also be an issue.
  3. Antiviral software or another security feature is blocking the full installation of the Windows app.

All of these will require intervention from the networking department on the customer side; there are no workarounds available in CFP.  See Troubleshooting Connections: Ports and Firewalls for additional information on the essential IT configuration for the Windows App to connect to the outside world.

Reconnecting the Windows App

1: If the Windows app has previously connected, but then disconnects, try re-starting the Windows app from the system tray of your computer.  Right click on the cloud icon in the system tray and select Exit Cloud FastPath App:

2: Restart the desktop mode Cloud FastPath App by double clicking on the Cloud FastPath shortcut.  If you are running in Service mode, go into your Windows Services and restart the Cloud FastPath service, making sure that the service is set to Automatic:

3: Check to see if the Windows App has reconnected. If it has not reconnected, try re-registering the Win App:

4: Enter your CFP username into the Your Email field, and enter your password into the Your Password field. Click the Register button.

5: If this does not connect your Win app, it is best to contact cfp-support@tervela.com for assistance.  See also Troubleshooting Connections: Ports and Firewalls for information on the essential IT configuration for the Windows App to connect to the outside world.

6: When all else fails, you can try re-installing the Windows app. This is especially useful if the original msi for the Windows App is more than two months old.  Simply download the msi from https://www.cloudfastpath.com/winapp.  Uninstalling the msi before re-installing the updated msi is usually unnecessary.

Updated on April 19, 2019

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