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About the Project Center

The Project Center enables you to monitor and manage large-scale migrations from within the web app.  Much of the supervisory work that used to be done in external spreadsheets can now be done from the project center, with the advantage that job history data is directly accessible with no manual entry.

Setting Up a Project

1: You must create a job before you can create a project.  In the Job Name modal, add a tag with the format project:project name.  Example:  enter project:Wave1 to create a project called Wave1.

2: As soon as the tag is created, you’ll automatically create a project named after the tag.  Configure your job as usual. You may configure any type of job for the project center, but where it is designed to measure migration progress, you will get best results by selecting a transfer job type (account mapping or simple transfer).  It is helpful to name jobs systematically.  In the example above, the project name is Wave1, and all job names for this project start with the string “Wave 1.”

3: Once you’ve created your first tag and job, you can look at the project by clicking on the Projects link in the upper right corner of the dashboard.  That brings up the Projects modal:

Click on the project name to open your project.

Working with Your Project

Project Summary

The first page you will see is the summary.  It will track the transfer status of the full project, in accounts and bytes:

You can click on the File Size button in the upper right corner to call up a file count pie chart instead of file size.

Job List

1: The Job List tab lists all of your jobs grouped in the project.  It’s then easy to check on the status of each job:

2: You can do most or all of the same job operations from the Job List that you do from the Jobs pane of the dashboard, including adding new jobs to your project, accessing historical data, or reconfiguring it:


The Statistics tab also lists the jobs that have run.  You can view additional information on each job by selecting it, including Metrics, Schedules (which creates job and time based job triggers) and individual Instance data:


The Schedules tab lists the current status of all your jobs in a Gantt chart.  Use the information “i” button in the lower left corner to call up a key of the bar colors to review statuses of all your jobs:

Exiting Your Project

To return to the CFP dashboard from your project, click the Dashboard link in the upper right corner of the Projects modal.  Alternatively, you can click on the Tervela logo in the upper left corner of the modal.

Updated on April 19, 2019

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