Geolocation is a mechanism for assessing where all of the points of your data transfer exist: Win app machines, Win app drives, and cloud POPs. While Cloud FastPath has highly optimized WAN technology for between the POPs, minimizing the distance your data travels will generally improve performance. In situations where other protocols, such as SMB, must be used to move data from a remote drive, this becomes even more important to understanding the performance picture for your job.


The geolocator is available in the Statistics tab of simulations and transfer jobs. From the chart selection menu, select POP Network Diagram: geolocator select

You’ll see a diagram that looks like this:


Locations for drives, the parent Win app machine, and cloud POPs are all displayed on the diagram, along with the latencies. This is useful for identifying the bottleneck of a particular job.

Updated on April 18, 2019

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