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Which POP and System Types Do I Choose?

About POP Selection

POPs are the top-level objects in Cloud FastPath that manage your data transfer. Systems are the next tier down in your data transfer schema and generally handle more specific details of your transfer.  See How Cloud FastPath Works for additional information on POPs and Systems.

Some cloud providers (or premise points) are specified at the POP level while others are specified at the System level. If your target cloud provider is specified at the system level, you will still need to select the correct POP type that works with it. Use the chart below to determine which POP and System you should use.

The table below lists combinations of POPs and systems that are most commonly used. If you want to use a combination that is not listed below, contact support@cloudfastpath.com for additional information.  Where multiple POPs are listed, the first POP specified is the optimal choice for most applications, but the other options listed will also work.  Your migration will have better performance when you select a POP that is geographically close to your data set.

Amazon EC2 (aws.amazon.com) CFP-West / CFP-East / CFP-Europe Amazon S3 Filesystem
Azure (azure.microsoft.com) Microsoft Azure Azure Blob Object Store
Box (box.com) CFP-West / CFP-East / Amazon EC2 Box / Box (Admin Account)**
Citrix ShareFile (sharefile.com) CFP-East; contact cfp-support@tervela.com for additional options Citrix ShareFile / Citrix ShareFile Administrator**
Dropbox / Dropbox for Business (dropbox.com) CFP-West / CFP-East / Amazon EC2 Dropbox / Dropbox for Business**
Egnyte (www.egnyte.com) CFP Google USA Egnyte / Egnyte (Admin Account)**
FTP Any cloud POP Egnyte / Egnyte (Admin Account)**
Google Cloud Storage (cloud.google.com) CFP Google USA Google Cloud Storage
GoogleDrive (drive.google.com) CFP Google USA Google Drive (Service Account)**
SharePoint Online (office365.com) Microsoft Azure SharePoint Online / SharePoint Online (Admin Account)**
OneDrive (onedrive.live.com) Microsoft Azure OneDrive Personal or OneDrive for Business
SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 On-Premise (sharepoint.com) Windows App* SharePoint 20xx; contact cfp-support@tervela.com for installation
Windows App (i.e., your local computer or networked drive) Windows App* Windows Drive or Share

*To install the Windows App, select the Download App button on the Cloud FastPath dashboard.

**The Admin/Service Account version of the system supports the Account and Permission Mapping option.

Updated on November 30, 2020

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