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What Are Virtual POPs?

Virtual POPs provide a compact way to run multiple concurrent jobs in your account.  A single POP is visible on the dashboard, but additional POPs are generated in the background for each new job that starts concurrently, up to the number of instances purchased in your account.  Any number of POP instances may be purchased to to run several jobs concurrently.

As you plan out your migration, bear in mind that there are several factors that determine the speed of your data transfer.  Many providers have max limits for the file rates that they allow into a single account.  For jobs sourced from a Windows App, bandwidth of the network is another potential factor.  So running several jobs concurrently will not necessarily increase transmission speeds linearly.  However, in many cases, there are workarounds that will enable you to attain speeds that will enable you to meet deadlines and goals for the migration.

When you purchase several POP instances, you attach systems to the POP on the dashboard, and it takes care of all of the necessary connections to the POPs that actually run the jobs.  You do not have to configure a separate system for each child POP.

When you run multiple jobs, you can click on the main POP on the dashboard and page throught the instances to see the metrics for each of the POPs that is active and running a job.  Virtual POPs are created at job time, so you will note a brief interval of provisioning when the job starts, before it converts over to validating.

Updated on March 28, 2019

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