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Bandwidth Scheduler

The bandwidth scheduler enables you to adjust the bandwidth used by a given POP so it is compatible with other demands on the company’s internal network.  You can schedule the POP to run jobs at nights and weekends using full bandwidth, but some lower percentage of bandwidth during normal business hours.  Windows apps are the primary POPs that use the bandwidth scheduler. It is recommended to set both the off-hours schedule (full throttle) and the business-hours schedule.

Bandwidth Scheduler Setup

1: Click on the desired POP on the dashboard and select Schedule.

2: To add a new schedule, click the Add button.

3: Enter a schedule name, start and end time for each day. Then select the days of the week that the schedule should run.  Lastly, adjust the bandwidth. The bandwidth slider is logarithmic to provide better resolution at lower rates.

4: Once added, the schedule will be displayed on the chart.

5: Note that once you have created one schedule, you can copy it to new POPs with the Copy from POP feature just above the schedule grid.  Simply go back to the dashboard and click the Schedule button for a new POP.  Once on the Schedule modal, you can select the desired POP from the dropdown just above the schedule grid, and select Copy from POP to import the old POP’s schedule to the new POP.

6: For best results, create an off-hours schedule (full throttle) and business-hours schedule.  This will ensure that regardless of when your job starts, the correct bandwidth directive is downloaded to your job.

7: If your job is running and you change the bandwidth in the job itself while bandwidth schedules are in place, that directive will be implemented until the next bandwidth schedule starts.  For best results, use either the in-job bandwidth scheduler or the POP bandwidth scheduler, but not both.

Updated on June 30, 2021

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