Tags are a useful way of managing and filtering down large numbers of jobs.  If you add a tag of the same name to three different jobs, you can then filter by that tag, so only the desired jobs are displayed on the dashboard.  Tags have the following applications:

  • Filter by the server, region, or (in the case of account mapping jobs) functional group of users in the migration
  • Filter by phase of the migration
  • Filter by a tag that lists your current jobs of interest, to minimize the number of jobs on the dashboard. Note that tag settings are user-specific, so you can list a set of tagged jobs for your personal use if you are sharing a CFP account with other users.
  • Separately, you can also filter by:
    • Deleted jobs
    • Jobs you created via your CFP username
    • Jobs that have comments

There is also a search filter in the tag menu, which enables you to filter by a string in the job name itself.

Creating a Tag

1: From the CFP dashboard, enable tags in the Job List:

2: Click on the Tag Icon.

3: Enter a tag name:

4: You can create Categories in your tag names.  To create a Category of Wave1 with a tag of Sales, you would enter Wave1:Sales:

You can also create multiple tags by entering them into a single field, separated by a comma.  For example, if you wanted to apply tags for Sales and Marketing to a job, you would enter Sales,Marketing in the field.

5: This is how the completed tag looks:

If you want to delete the tag, simply click on the ‘x’ on the right side of the tag.

Filtering By a Tag

1: To filter, select the tag or category from the filter menu:

2: The filtered list of jobs with the designated tag will be displayed:

Note that categories and tags work independently of each other, and are additive in the results that they display. In the example above, a search for the tag ‘Marketing’ returns results in categories for Wave1 and Wave2.  You can search for more than one tag at a time, and again the search results are additive.  Click on a tag at the top of the job listing to remove it as a filter.

Filtering by Job Name

You can also filter by a string in the job name:

Adding a Comment

To add a comment, click on the comment balloon:

You can then use the Data Transfer Jobs filter menu to filter for commented jobs.

Updated on April 18, 2019

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