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Delete or Edit a Job

Editing or Deleting a Job

1: From the Dashboard, click on the name of the job you want to edit. To delete the job, select the Delete button.  To edit the job, select the Configure button.

2: The Jobs modal window displays.

A: Select the Rename Job button to rename the job:

You may also edit the source and target systems for your job.  To replace an existing system, simply drag the new system over the current one in the job.

B: To delete a source or target system, select it from the left side of the window. The system’s configuration will display in the right pane, with a Delete button at the bottom of the pane. Select the Delete Source or Delete Target button to delete the system.

C: Selecting the Job Settings button in the Job modal window takes you to advanced settings for the job. Most users will not need to change these settings. MORE…

Updated on May 2, 2019

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