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Cloud FastPath Overview

Cloud FastPath is a SaaS (software as a service) application that enables you to transfer large volumes of data securely, completely, and quickly between cloud and/or premise-based sources and targets.  The CFP Service currently runs in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

How It Works:

Running Cloud FastPath is as simple as installing two Cloud FastPath Points of Presence (POPs): one at the location where your data resides and another where you want your data to go. For jobs that are running to or from Windows, the POP is created by installing a lightweight Windows application.  The POPs contain adapters that execute the data transfer tasks: securely acquiring the source data, encrypting it, streaming it, decrypting and saving it to the target location. The Cloud FastPath service orchestrates and monitors these tasks, ensuring the transfer is authorized and providing an API to execute when the transfers will occur. It is important to note that your data never touches the Cloud FastPath service. And the service only accesses the virtual machines, not the data where it is actually stored. These architectural approaches provide a high degree of security for data that you need to move and want to keep private from the outside world.  TELL ME MORE

Additional Functions:

  • Standardized universal interface for transferring data between multiple different vendors and platforms.
  • Monitors and documents data transfers.
  • Data synchronization between sources and targets.
Updated on May 7, 2020

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