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Rackspace Storage

DESCRIPTION:  The Rackspace Object Store is a bucket used on mycloud.rackspace.com.  To set up your CFP system for Rackspace, you will need the API Key you used to set up your Rackspace POP and at least one Object Store Container, which is set up under the File menu selection in your Rackspace account.

SUPPORTED POP:  All cloud POPs. Select a cloud POP as geographically close to the target as possible, whether that is Rackspace or another data store.


USERNAME:  Enter the username you use to log in to your Rackspace account.

API KEY:  Enter the same API Key you used to create your Rackspace POP.

REGION NAME:  Enter the three-character airport acronym Rackspace uses for the region where your container resides. For example, if your container is located in Northern Virginia, enter IAD (for Dulles International Airport).

OBJECT STORE CONTAINER:  This dropdown list will contain all of the valid shared folders for the pop selected in the Point of Presence dropdown. Select the folder you want from the list.

Advanced Fields – System Creation:

The following field is displayed by selecting the Advanced Options… link while creating a Rackspace Object Store system.

PRESERVE MODIFICATION TIME:  When this checkbox is selected, on upload the file mtime is stored as a metadata, and on download this metadata is retrieved and sent along with the file.

Advanced Fields – Source/Target Creation:

The following fields are displayed by selecting the Advanced Options… link while creating a Rackspace Object Store source or target for a Data Motion Job. The default field values provide optimized performance and should not be edited unless directed to do so by Tervela. Adjusting the values may increase the speed of the job but may also make it more prone to errors.

MAX CONCURRENT FILE DOWNLOAD (Source Only): Enter the maximum number of files you wish to send concurrently from a Rackspace Object Store source.

PARALLEL SEGMENT UPLOAD (Target Only): Very large files are uploaded to Rackspace in segments and then reassembled. This field specifies the maximum number of segments that can be concurrently uploaded to Rackspace.

SEGMENT SIZE (Target Only): Specifies the maximum size of a file segment in bytes.

MAX CONCURRENT FILES UPLOAD (Target Only): Specifies the maximum number of files that can be concurrently uploaded to Rackspace.

LARGE OBJECT SIZE (Target Only): The largest file size in bytes that will be transferred to Rackspace without being broken up into segments.

Updated on August 19, 2019

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