SharePoint Online

DESCRIPTION:  SharePoint Online is the shared space for Microsoft cloud storage.  Use the SharePoint Online (Administrator Account) system instead of the SharePoint Online system to run account mapping jobs.


See Microsoft Adapters: OneDrive and SharePoint Online Overview for introductory information on preparing, setting up and managing your Microsoft migration.


SHAREPOINT ONLINE SITE URL:  Enter your Sharepoint site URL. If your company is companyName, the standard URL would be

NOTE: if your oauth has non admin credentials, do the following to validate a subsite:

  1. Make sure your user is a site member for the subsite you want to access.  You will not need global or Sharepoint admin credentials for this adapter.
  2. Enter the url to the root site (e.g., in the SharePoint Online Site URL field.  Click “Click Here to Log In/Switch Accounts” button and run the oauth for the root site.  Once that oauth is successful, enter the subsite url (e.g., and click the Save button for the field itself (the disk icon directly to the right of the field).  You can now use the system to configure your job.

See Microsoft Adapters: Standard and Advanced Fields in Job Configuration for information on configuring all other fields for this system.

Updated on November 18, 2020

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