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SharePoint Online (Admin)

DESCRIPTION:  SharePoint Online is, as its name suggests, Microsoft’s online version of SharePoint on-premise.  It provides much of the infrastructure and features available in SharePoint on-premise in a cloud based platform.  The Administrator Account version of the SharePoint Online system must be used for account mapping. A global admin user from the tenant is required for the oauth of that system.


See Microsoft Adapters: OneDrive and SharePoint Online Overview for introductory information on preparing, setting up and managing your Microsoft migration.

On Selecting Data With the File Chooser:

  1. At this time, Cloud Fastpath cannot create new teamsites or document libraries, so the only valid action for creating a new target directory via the file chooser is to create it within a document library.
  2. You must select either a subsite and doc library, a doc library off the root, or a folder within a doc library as the target destination. Sharepoint cannot write directories to the root of the site or to a subsite.
  3. You may select multiple sites or doc libraries for jobs where SharePoint is the source. The selected sites and doc libraries on the source will be written as directories on the target. Be aware that CFP only transfers folders and files; if you select other content, such as lists and pages, that are not actual folders and files, CFP will not transfer them.
  4. “Forms” is a reserved word in SPO.  You cannot write to /Forms subsites.  You can create – and transfer – folders called “Forms,” but CFP will convert them to the UTF equivalent name (_u0066__u006f__u0072__u006d__u0073_) on the SPO target if they are the top folder in the subsite. Folders further down – e.g., /sites/subsite/docLib/FolderA/Forms – will transfer as is.

See Microsoft Adapters: Standard and Advanced Fields in Job Configuration for information on configuring all other fields for this system.

Updated on November 18, 2020

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