Google Drive (Admin)

Description:  Google Drive is a cloud provider operating from  To authorize the Google Drive Admin system, you will generate a .json file in your Google account, which is uploaded to CFP. The Google Drive (Administrator/Service Account) system is required for account mapping (in which data from multiple accounts on a source is transferred to corresponding accounts on the target); it can also be used to send data to Google Team/Shared Drives in non account mapping jobs. You must have Google admin credentials to use this system.

Preparing Your Google Account:

Unlike most service providers, Google Drive does not support oauth authentication.  Instead, it supports JWT (JSON Web Tokens), which involves several steps, including generation of a json file in your Google account that is uploaded into the CFP Google admin system.  The five steps to make your Google Drive account CFP ready are:

  1. Create a project
  2. Create a service account for the project, and generate the json file with your key pair
  3. Enable the requisite API’s for the project
  4. Enable the project service account
  5. Request quota increase from Google Drive to reduce rate limiting

Once you have set up your Google Drive account, the following information and tips will help you set up your job.

Configure System:

Enter your admin email into the Administrator Email field.  An upload button for your json file will display:

Select Choose File to upload the json file you created earlier, and your system will be complete:


Updated on February 11, 2021

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