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Converting Unique Google Properties to Other Platforms

Forward Slashes in File and Folder Names

Forward slashes (/) are commonly used on Google Drive in file and folder names. This presents an issue when moving to other service providers, as the forward slash character is not only invalid, but reserved for use as a delimiter of directories and files in paths for the data. For that reason, Cloud FastPath converts forward slashes to divider slashes (U+2215) for all Google Drive sourced migrations, including jobs that have Google Drive as a target. You will see that character replacement in the spreadsheet, file chooser and transfer reports.

Other unsupported characters on the target platform are generally converted to their unicode codes (e.g., U+nnnn).

Duplicate Named Items

If you have two folders or files called “Item1,” CFP will transfer the first as “Item1” and any subsequent identically named items with the item (folder or file) ID appended (e.g., “Item1 (abcdefg12345).” If you have a folder and file that have the same name, they will of course be transferred to the target with their names intact.

Updated on July 14, 2020

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